Qix goes back a long way. A classic arcade game, it has quite a following. XBLA have bought us a revamped version called Qix++, and I thought it would be interesting to see what has been done with it.   

In the first five minutes of this game, it seems quite fun and quirky. The music may not seem quite so annoying yet, but give it time. The aim is to stop the Qix by ‘trapping it’. The way to do this is to cut off as much as you can from a square board with your cutter, and if you manage to trap the Qix by cutting more than the amount you have to (you have a set minimum amount), you will gain points which you can use to upgrade your cutter. If you die, though, it’s right back to the start for you. No retries, no continues, just back to square one. Any customisation you did will be lost also.

The problem is, there are two main levels consisting of eight stages, and you can complete all of this in about half an hour.  So although you will go back to the start when you die, it’s not something to get overly worried about. After the very short single player mode, there are only the multiplayer modes, and I spent about twenty minutes trying to find a match online before giving up. It’s a good thing, though, as when playing a game between me and my partner the gameplay was slow and juddery, and it seemed to be pure chance that lead anyone to victory. The multiplayer mode is basically a four player mode (you can bring bots into it and toggle their difficulty), and you have to be the quickest to trap the Qix. The one who contributes most to getting rid of the Qix wins.

The visuals in this game have quite a nice futuristic feel, and the Qix changes colour from time to time and while it is a different colour, it is faster and more dangerous. The downfall to these graphics is that they don’t change much. It would have been nice to have some different types of boards to work from.

There are new modes coming soon as downloadable content, and if they were free content it would have made this purchase more worthwhile. Paying 800 Microsoft points for half a game and then paying for add-ons makes me feel a little cheated.







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    I was very under-whelmed with this one. The whole half-a-game thing is very annoying, it’s the same thing they did with Arkanoid and it just seems incredibly daft.

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