Ready Up for London 28th Nov!

Calling all gamers, Ready Up are gathering once more before the end of a fabulous year. Everyone’s been working hard so now it’s time to play hard. What better way can we spend the day other than meeting and gaming with team Ready Up and the amazing Ready Up community? It’s a great way to celebrate and thank you for your support and contributions.

We invite you to come join us at one of London’s biggest arcade centres, featuring over four massive floors of bright, buzzing arcade machines. From retro to the new, from classics to the quirky, there’s plenty to suit our individual tastes. We’ve seen solo rivalries come face to face for a showdown, teams of gamers in fun competition, the talented players wowing the crowd and all in a friendly atmosphere with laughter to follow.

When we’ve finished running wild in the arcade, the location of central London means there’s plenty of places to grab a quick bite or to group up and chow down. Refuelling our energy leads us to pulling a Nintendo DS from our pockets to settle down for a friendly chat and easy-going session at the Horse and Groom pub (over 18s only) bringing two great communities, Ready Up and DS London, together.


12pm – Meet the team, meet the community then meet the games at Funland, London Trocadero. We fight, we dance, we shoot, we drive, winning prizes and pride or losing with style and laughter. Food can be grabbed at the centre or from many of the shops and resturants located in and around the central area.

6pm – (Over 18s only, please bring your I.D) Joining DS London, we all sit down, relax with a casual session at The Horse and Groom. A drink in one hand and a Nintendo DS in the other, the evening is set for swapping stories, discussions and portable action along the way.

We hope to see you soon and we can’t wait for the day. So head on over to our discussion thread and let loose the excitement!







14 responses to “Ready Up for London 28th Nov!”

  1. MrCuddleswick avatar

    I’ll be there! Just call my name…..or don’t…..and I’ll be there, I’ll be there!

  2. South Q avatar
    South Q

    Suppose I’ll invade london once more.

  3. Del Torro El Sorrow avatar
    Del Torro El Sorrow

    Haaaaa, I’m gonna be in London on the 27th but I’m leaving on the same day.

  4. MarkuzR avatar

    Far too short notice for me to try and arrange flights, accommodation, spending money and try to schedule it in with the workload. Never been keen on the Troc either

  5. Fran avatar

    I’ll be there! ParaParaPararing it up! 😀

  6. Ramsden avatar

    I had told myself that I would attend the next meet, as a way of trying to impose some kind of social life on myself, and to meet up with some of the people I talk to on the forums and maybe become more than mere acquaintances/gaming contacts.

    But… this is too short notice. I’m in Cornwall, so going to London would be a big deal. I’d have to arrange a long-haul train journey to get there at least a day earlier than the meet is set for, and a train journey back again the day after because of the distance and the time the journey would take, I’d have to book and confirm accommodation… I’d also need about 2 months to be able to put aside the money just for that, never mind about spending money, money for food, and beer money. So I’m not going to be able to make it, which really sucks.

  7. Mark avatar

    I will be there, and in my Ready Up shirt as some kind of (false) bastion of information and security.

  8. Duncan avatar

    I’ll be there. 😀

    If you can’t find me on the day, follow the trail of empty Red Bull cans…

  9. Barry avatar

    I don’t know, I may well be making a fresh start in Bristol and unable to. Play by ear for me I’m afraid

  10. MrCuddleswick avatar

    I will drink one beer for each person who can’t make it.

  11. James avatar

    Owtch. Nope. Sorry, theres NO way I can make this event at all. 🙁
    Cuddles, you will be completely hammered if you do that XD

  12. Anthony avatar

    I’ll be there as always so I’ll have my beer thanks Cuddles.

  13. Joe aka thiswayup avatar
    Joe aka thiswayup

    v good idea miss! As self serving as it may be … I look forward and support you!


  14. Lebowsk1 avatar

    Fighting games followed by drinking? Count me in.

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