Win a PS3 Slim, Borderlands, T-Shirt & Cap

It’s Ready Up’s biggest competition yet!

Ya gotta love those guys at 2K. They’ve generously given us a PS3 Slim console along with a copy of the utterly awesome Borderlands to give away to one of our readers. The lucky prize winner will also get a Borderlands cap and t-shirt. It’s the haul to beat ’em all.

Borderlands has launched this weekend, like a rocket, bringing gamers an incredible FPS experience that combines brilliantly stylised graphics and one of the best co-op experiences ever released on a console. Up to four players can get together and play through the campaign picking up literally hundreds of thousands of different weapons and items. You can take back your loot and experience earned to your single player game too. You’ll create your character from four basic choices of Soldier, Berserker, Siren or Hunter and then get to sculpt them us Borderlands’ deep role playing customisation system. You can then jump into arena battles online and test your character up against your friends’.


OK, here comes the question.

How many characters can you choose from in Borderlands?

A. One

B. Four

C. Twelve

The competition closes on Tuesday, November 3rd, there can only be one winner and you can only be that winner if you enter the competition so fill out the form below and we’ll cross all our fingers and toes for you.

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