Tower Bloxx Deluxe (XBLA)

The City of whatever-you-want-to-call-it is in trouble!

The Mayor needs your help!

The problem?  The population is too small. There’s nowhere for people to live. The solution? A bunch of tall, wobbly dangerous houses need to be built immediately.

Tower Bloxx Deluxe is a game which has a very simple aim. Your avatar is let loose with a crane to build towers, block by block. And that’s about it. In the game’s story mode, you name the city, and then you have four districts (which you also name) that you have to fill up with towers. As your population grows, you unlock certain things, like towers that require more blocks to complete. You start off having to build a blue tower. This is only ten blocks high and is relatively simple. Do a couple of these and you unlock a red tower, which is 20 blocks high, and so on. The thing is, although the height changes, the difficulty does not. The blocks are always cubed, no shape changes at all (unless you count the roof) and so no matter how high you get, you are still dropping a swinging cube onto a wobbling cube and it’s all very simple stuff.

Time Attack is slightly better, as you have 30 seconds to build a tower as high as possible, and you have checkpoints which give you a bit more time as you go along. Also, if you manage to get a perfect drop onto the cube below, you are awarded extra time. Also your friend’s scores come up on the side of the screen, so you can aim to beat them.

In Multiplayer you can either play co-op or against each other to build the highest tower. There is no Online Multiplayer, which was surprising. The co-op mode is just one player straightening up the tower to make it easier for the other player. It isn’t very enthralling, though. It’s just not really that fun to straighten up a tower that probably isn’t going to fall down anyway.

The graphics are bright and colourful, and if you build your tower for long enough, it takes you from a busy street up into space, and the residents start flying into the tower wearing spacesuits instead of with umbrellas, which is a nice touch the first time you see it. This is the same thing that you see on every single level, though. The background doesn’t change, even when you move to a different district. A bit disappointing, as it just felt like the first district all over again.

The gameplay is extremely simple. In fact, you need only use the A button. The rest of it is all down to timing. You can pan the camera around the Tower if you want, but it isn’t necessary. Also, in Quick Game mode there is an option that comes up saying ‘Watch’. If you press the button, you can see your tower from afar, but sometimes you are just watching a random avatar walking down the street… which is slightly confusing.

I think that what Tower Bloxx Deluxe misses is the addictive factor that puzzle games need to make a simple concept work. Also, the fact that you are paying 800 points for it when it is very cheap on the iPhone stings a little.







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  1. Starker avatar

    I downloaded and purchased the full version and have enjoyed the game very much! To me your review sounds like you didn’t play it very long because a lot of the things you claim, simply are not true. For instance everything looking the same – actually the bloxx are different shapes, the yellow being round, the green being point and so forth. And as you progress up into space in quick game the background changes constantly with different colors, planets and props. But I guess you weren’t able to build up that far to see it? Lastly your screenshots don’t look like the XBLA game. For instance I don’t recognize that second shot at all. There’s nothing like that in the XBLA version. Are you sure you haven’t taken wrong pictures off google?

  2. Joanne avatar

    Hi. Im glad you enjoyed the game, I did purchase and play the game for quite a while and played a lot of the campaign mode. I did mention that you can go into space but in the campaign you can only build a tower up to a certain height, therefore you dont see that far. The screen shots are one of quick game mode and one of the woman behind the construction plan. Again Im glad you bought and enjoyed it but in my opinion its not got enough in it to justify the cost.

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