Texas Wuggle

It’s time to go all Lady Gaga, put on your outfit made of Kermit heads and pull your best poker face as you fire up your iPhone to play Texas Wuggle, a new fast-paced card sliding game which lets your gamble to your heart’s content without damaging your wallet.

For those of you not familiar with the concept of Wuggle, let alone Texas-style, let me explain. Wuggle (also available for the iPhone) is a word-based game in which you slide tiles around your screen to make the longest word possible, which nets you points and tells you you’re superb at the same time – it’s great for boosting self-esteem and your vocabulary! Texas Wuggle takes the same gameplay idea of the sliding tiles but replaces words for cards – it’s then your job, using the cards on screen, to make the best hand possible and increase your winnings. More winnings lets you play in higher stake games, as you work your way up from the dark alleys to posh, well-lit, casinos.

Controlling the game is simple, you slide your cards around the screen with your finger and play your hand by swiping across the cards. Moving the cards can sometimes be a little hit and miss, although this may be down to the reviewer’s sausage fingers rather than the game mechanics, as can swiping across the hand to play it. This niggle aside, it really is a simple game to pick up and one that’s quite hard to put down, especially when you start to build your money up and the greed demon takes hold, practically urging you to throw a few more chips on the table or, god forbid, go all in.

One nifty touch is the fact that, should a card really not help your hand, you can call on a bomb to destroy it – hoping that you get a better one in its place. You’re given three bombs at the start of a game – should you play them all and still fail to make a hand you’ll lose your stake. I found, through several intensive gambling sessions, that I tended to win more often than not, something which kept my virtual bank balance very happy.

Graphically the game is simple and straight to the point. The cards are easy to distinguish, the chips are clear and everything works. The front end screen, and location screens throughout the game feature illustrations which are somewhat reminiscent of those you’d find on a GTA load screen of old, which is no bad thing. It’s not going to blow your mind, but it more than adequately pulls off the right kind of look and atmosphere – possibly by the very act of keeping it simple.

What I would say is that this game is not for those who don’t know their poker hands. If you, like me, are just about able to construct a two-pair, or a two and a three but struggle to know your flushes from your straights without serious thinking time then you’ll probably get less enjoyment because, well, your winnings will be so little compared to what you could potentially get. Having said that, play for a while and it’ll become second nature to build flushes and bring home the big bucks. This can be especially handy when playing the Survivor game mode – pitting you solely against the clock as you race to collect valid poker hands to keep the seconds ticking by.







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  1. Duncan avatar

    Sounds like a pretty decent game. I hope it comes to the UK soon. 😉

  2. Jake avatar

    It is in the UK, ya muppet!

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