When they do it right…

I love that feeling when the right man turns up and the whole world flips upside down. The mundane slips away and you are reinvigorated with a lust for life that you had previously banished to your teen years. You want to tell everyone but you are too busy daydreaming, and every moment becomes a moment that should be spent with him. The only downside is that you suddenly realise just how rubbish life was before he turned up.

Well my life was grey and dull, for about two months now I have been stuck in a game rut. I started things, tried to like them, found that I really didn’t, persevered not really wanting to play them, but in the end I was just getting bored. I had slipped into a slow grinding gaming apathy.

Worse still the games that I was managing to squeeze some enjoyment out of were party games. I was becoming the loud obnoxious girl who ruled the room as long as there was a glass of wine in her hand and a stupidly shaped controller available. I hate that girl!

Ummm, manly.
Ummm, manly.

Thank God for Batman: Arkham Asylum. It is all the great things Ready-Uppers have been blogging it to be. I wanted it so badly but held myself back because of the ever growing pile of unfinished tat, but in a moment of frivolity I splashed out and took it home. I love the story, the characters are spot on, the combat is good and there are secrets! So many little things to stumble upon and make you feel you are creating your own gaming experience. The girls are sexy, the men are hard (or wonderfully insane) and it’s gritty and dark too.

Of course we all know Batman is the saviour (and ironically the destroyer) of Gotham, and now he has become my saviour too. I once again have that drive to run home and cross up on a cushion ready to game. The evenings slip into nights and I go to sleep dreaming of how hard that fight with Killer Croc is going to be. I just hope it stays this way and keeps me invigorated for the next game, then I can clear out the pile of unwanted gaming rubbish, banish the hellish party games and reinstate the gaming karma.







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  1. The Rook avatar
    The Rook

    Arkham Asylum is indeed an excellent game, worthy of taking all my free time as I played through it. I had avoided reading any news about the game, had avoided reading the thread in the forum, and stayed away from reviews until I beat the game. Everything in the game, I wanted to experience for myself.

    Once I beat the game, I decided to look at the Challenge mode, only tried the first two and didn’t go too well. I need to brush up on my fighting skills and have decided to do this by playing through the game on hard mode.

    Arkham Asylum needs another A as it’s definitely a triple A title.

  2. arc14716 avatar

    I need to try this game out one day. Everyone seems to be talking about it.

    Of course, I’ve been busy with Plants vs Zombies for PC and I’m awaiting Tekken 6 to come out next month.

  3. Duncan avatar

    We do owe RockStedy & Batman a huge debt for dragging us out of the Summer video game drought.

    Fantastic example of what a game can be. 😀

  4. Eleanor avatar

    I always try to avoid reviews etc. of games that I really want to play. They just end up ruining it!

    You should try it Arc, it is really very good.

  5. MrCuddleswick avatar

    Shame about the Killer Croc fight!

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