The Prince of a Land Called Persia

Now, this is a story all about how,Prince_of_Persia_2009
My life got flipped-turned upside down,
So take a break from Ormazd, and this crazy inertia,
I’ll tell you how I became the prince of a land called Persia.

In ancient Persia born and raised,
In a prison was where I spent most of my days,
Breaking out, hacking the guards with my tool,
Then thrown back in prison, damn I’m a fool,
When a hot princess,
Eyeing me up real good,prince_of_persia_-_the_sands_of_time_2003
Was starting to take a fancy to my manhood,
I got in one cheeky grope but was caught right there,
Jaffar put a stop to the whole love affair!

He said ‘Marry me or die within the hour,
Until then I’ll lock you up in a tower!’
She gave me a kiss and she was taken away,
Ahh man, back to prison, I just got out yesterday.

I was back in my cell, I didn’t miss it,prince_of_persia_warrior_
But they haven’t poly-filled the hole from my last visit.
Out I go, Hmm, that guard has my sword?
I’ll just knock him out, not to make it awkward.

Jumping over holes with spikes and all that,
Make my way up the tower to plan my attack,
‘I don’t think so!’ said Jaffar as he stood by,
‘You gotta go through me, so prepare to die!’

To cut a long story short, I beat the Vizier,prince_of_persiatwothrones
Grabbed the princess from Persia, ‘let’s get the hell outta here’,
We nearly got hitched but she was kidnapped again,
In fact thrice times – Jaffar’s a bloody pain.

Then years later, The Sands of Time and Warrior Within,
Two Thrones, changed history, from the start I must begin,
Dagger of Time, a dark prince, man my arm did sting!
Well at least I was starting to get better looking.

But now I have to deal with Ahrimans bane of corruptionprince-of-persia-NEW VERSION,
And I might find my Donkey again, if I have no interruption.
With sword and gauntlet, my confidence is sleeker,
Because I’m constantly saved by the new babe Elika.

So my story swings and jumps, wall to wall,
(And the movie will star Jake Gyllenhaal)
So after 20 years – I am still there,
To sit on my throne as the Prince of Pers..ere.








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  1. Kat avatar

    Haha that’s… phat? dope?… pretty darned good Fran ^_^

  2. Snozzeltoff avatar

    Fresh Prince and Will Smith… say no more, freaking awesome!

  3. arc14716 avatar

    Quick, someone find Eleanor and have her read this blog. She’ll get a kick out of it I’m sure.

    Oh, and someone call Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff. They may get a kick out of this too.

    Seriously, nicely done blog. Really enjoyed it.

  4. Darach avatar

    Awesome! 😀

    *many lols and much applause*

  5. Laura avatar

    Hehe nice one Fran! 🙂

  6. MrCuddleswick avatar

    Ha ha ha only just working my way though blogs – this is brilliant! Yo home smell ya later!

  7. seb B-V avatar
    seb B-V

    awesome, no two ways about it

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