Watchmen: The End Is Nigh Part 2

Masked vigilantes Rorschach and Nite Owl are back. Rorschach ready, as ever to deal some serious damage to the city’s scumbags and drags a reluctant Nite Owl from his equipment repairs to follow the trail of a missing girl. Their search leads them through streets filled with rioting thugs and seedy clubs and brothels. If you played the first instalment you’ll know what to expect from part 2. It’s more of the same. It’s a brawler, it’s extremely violent and while there is local co-op, there’s no online co-op which is a huge waste, as it would have been ideal to be able to batter your way through the city’s streets with a friend over XBL.

So anyway, my biggest gripe out of the way, lets talk combat! You load up the game and you’re faced with a choice. Play as Nite Owl or Rorshach. All combos for both characters are available to use from the start of the game. Nite Owl’s bag of tricks are flashy and efficient,  more powerful but slower than Rorschach’s moves and not nearly as savage or free-flowing.  Playing as Rorschach satisfied my bloodlust completely. Though at one point I did question for a moment whether I should be finding enjoyment at being the cause of over-weight near naked guy with a ball gag in his mouth get stomped to death and left in a pool of his own blood, but a gang of whores in dangerously high heels came at me with studded paddles and the feeling soon dissipated, as I brutally disposed of them and moved on to the next room and the next wave of enemies.

Watchmen part two is a pretty little game that has Rorschach down, dare I say it, perfectly, the head down, hunched shoulders and raw visceral fighting style are spot on. Nite Owl however, feels understated and to be honest, looks silly when he runs and isn’t half as much fun to play as, which is disappointing. It’s rather short for a game that costs 1200 points and gets repetitive, feeling even more so if you’re not really in the mood to take in and appreciate the carnage.







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