Down on the farm

Earlier on in the summer during a period of a few days that actually saw a decent amount of sun and none of these silly rain showers that seem to be plaguing my blue sky, I ventured out through the wilderness to the Lincolnshire Show.

It was a fun packed day with lots of farming stuff on show, loads of cool machines that, while designed to harvest crops, could in fact be used in the next Manhunt game as a way to brutally massacre your enemies. Thankfully there was other stuff on show such as Falconry displays and even some medieval knights knocking the pulp out of each other.

You may be thinking, “What the hell, this is Ready Up – not some farming forum” in which case you’d be correct. However despite its agricultural background there was something that stuck out like a sore thumb, something that in the middle of a display of JCBs, Combine harvesters and garden sheds a beacon of light made its presence known to me.

Motorstorm Pacific Rift

It was strange seeing the car, a shining red 4×4 splashed with Motorstorm decals, PS3 logos and even a mini sand pit.

In a sea of agricultural machinery and fancy doodads it was peculiar to see this little slice of gaming goodness plonked right in the middle of it. It was clearly a good marketing plan by the company involved (a car dealership that had a specialty in off road vehicles). I was lucky enough to find it early in the day but as the day went on, I passed it a dozen times and it was packed with people taking a look, from young children who recognised it, to slightly intoxicated dads who were clearly car enthusiasts going into every last detail of the vehicle.

It’s always good to see a bit of gaming paraphernalia out and about, more so as it was a not only a nice change from the odd statue found in Gamestation but it was found out in the very last place you would have expected it.

When I was told we were visiting one of the UK’s number one agricultural shows I was sort of half impressed at best. Now if I was told, “oh by the way – there’ll be a Motorstorm car there” I probably would have been slightly more enthusiastic about the proposed day at hand.

For the record, photos really can’t do it justice; it was absolutely gorgeous – although sadly they would not let me sit inside it, let alone take it for a drive.







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  1. markBOSS avatar

    ahh thats a shame about not being able to drive it.

    All the american gaming journos have the best fun. A while back for the first Motorstorm (i think) they all get whisked to a desert in Utah and were treated to a sand buggy drive.


  2. MrCuddleswick avatar

    It looks pretty lush to me! I’d have liked to have seen it.

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