The Last Warcraft Ocean Freedom Unites

Honestly, I haven’t had a dilemma of this magnitude in my entire life! Just as I have hit 80 on my lock in World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King, and  am happily pushing another through 75 on my rogue, along comes Star Oceans: The Last Hope, and Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. Between farming gold, weapons and big bosses my gaming needs a quality Microsoft defragmentation. There aren’t enough hours in the day to fit in one of these monstrous role playing games, never mind three!

After some serious chin stroking and pondering, oh yeah, and another 100 hours of gameplay between the three titles I decided to get my teeth (bit monstery sharp teeth) into Capcom’s Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. Ready Up has reviewed this title already which you can read by clicking here. While I agree with with a lot of the information and views of the review it looks as though it has been written from the point of view of somebody who has not played any of the monster hunter series.

The spiders too big for the PSP muuuuum!
The spiders too big for the PSP muuuuum!

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is no less than hardcore so if you are new to the series, which I am, then patience and perseverance is required, by the shit load. Being brand new to the series and after sinking roughly 30 hours into the game so far I still have a lot to learn. I am only really just starting to understand weapons, armour, materials, felynes, the farm and everything else that goes along with it. After 30 hours in any other game you would normally have completed it at least twice and have traded it in or thrown it away but on the other hand it is an RPG so by the time you remove the video sequences I have played about 20 minutes. This is bull, because Monster Hunter Freedom Unite has very little video footage.

So, what makes me say this game is hardcore? I think the first thing that springs to mind is the distinct lack of auto-aim or lock on abilities. You are entirely on your own when it comes to striking down your enemy. While this is not the first title to not lock on to targets, to back this up they also have enemies who are not stupid. While they follow patterns for you to dissect they are not straightforward and can be daunting at first.

Also, when you take along your felyne companion you better make sure you chose the correct one. Go in with blademaster skills and a bombing felyne and be prepared to get blown up and across the screen. Take in a melee felyne and watch your blade because you will just cut your friend to pieces.

Anyway, enough of this mumbo jumbo. I find Monster Hunter Freedom Unite a very challenging game but not so much that I cannot be bothered with it. Anyone who has any experience and like for role playing games will understand how characters progress and with time you will be powerful enough to chop the largest of beasts into the finest stew. I am certain, because of this, that I am spending my time wisely between my RPG collective and will one day return to give the rest the attention they deserve.

New Underwater Fighting on the Wii?
New Underwater Fighting on the Wii?

I urge anyone who picks up the title to give it a chance and if you are not lucky enough to already own a dusty PSP then Monster Hunter Tri will soon be available on the Wii, which I am sure will make excellent use of the motion controls.







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  1. Ben avatar

    Oh nice one on the level 80 Lock, Rogue soon too – PvP much as quite a nasty combo there? 🙂

    Monster Hunter is one of them games that I really want to give a try, it’s even more tempting when a Game / Gamestation are selling PSP’s for like £60 on special offer.

    Alas its one of those games that is suffering from my buyer’s remorse perception as I’d prefer to wait for the PSP3000 or whatever Sony have decided to call it.

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