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On an extremely warm day there aren’t many factors that would make me travel through the far too busy London Underground or risk my pale complexion by exposing my skin to the sun. However, the offer of heading to Namco Station to get a first hand taster of their hottest titles soon to hit our shelves, was one such event to get me running from my door quicker than you can say Yoshimitsu. As previously featured by Eleanor, the vast selection of titles at our disposal was more than mouthwatering. However, when the likes of titles such as Tekken 6 and Katamari Forever are round the virtual corner, you have to feel compelled to take a peek at what is heading our way from the almighty Namco a little further down the line.

Anticipated title Dead To Rights Retribution received a lot of focus amongst the buffet of games; and rightly so as it is obvious from the outset that the team at Volatile Games are hell bent on producing a title that offers a seamless combination of multiple genres within its game play. Imre Jele, Project Director for Volatile Games, spoke of the game with the drive of someone who not only gets paid to love it, but is genuinely enthusiastic and passionate about the project as a gamer also; when confronted with such gusto for a title that is still undergoing development, the anticipation is infectious.

'Judo Chop!'

Story wise, any previous titles from Xbox, Playstation 2 or GameCube, will be wiped from the slate, allowing Dead to Rights Retribution to act as a stand alone title of its own. Set within the confines of Grant City, a once booming and populated metropolis which now screams a serious lack of tourism, gamers will take the roll of good-cop-bad-cop antihero Jake Slate, and his one man mission of cleaning up the joint. Along for the party is his partner Shadow, a ruthless canine who puts the likes of Turners’ Hooch to slobbery, hairy dog shame. Together, Slate and Shadow will roam the streets, helping fellow cops wipe out the crooks, gangs and degenerate locals, or uncovering conspiracy mysteries to help untangle the story of the cities decline. Visually, the dark rainy street-scapes, graffiti ridden walls and broken down sky rise buildings create buckets of atmosphere that are perfect for the Crime-Action genre that Dead To Rights Retribution claims as home.

The game will offer a combination combat system of both fighting and third person shooter genres that will no doubt appeal to fans of both; but as such levels will offer a variable battlefield of opportunity, allowing players to decide how they plan to take down the enemy; a click of your firearm maybe, or a nitty-gritty bone crunching knee to the face? In Big Brother fashion: You Decide! The ability to take cover will please most third person shooter fanatics now that it’s become somewhat of an expected standard since the likes of Gears of War, and the ability to create tactical advances, stealth kills and long range attacks will offer variety for fans of similar titles.

You have a little something.. just there…

If your looking for hand to hand opportunities, the close combat moves are sure to have you polishing off your combos with the range of close quarter battle mechanics at hand, including disarming enemies, stealing weapons, the use of human shields and brutal ‘takedown’ finishing-style moves. A rather welcoming feature of the game will no doubt be the changing game play environments which, like titles such as Left4Dead, will ensure no run through of a level will ever be the same; enemies will both spawn differently, and react to changes of attack.

Shadow will also set out to prove he’s not just a side kick; the intelligent A.I. will allow Shadow to react in aggressive attacks or tactical stealth moves dependant on the reactions of protagonist Slate; think Metal Gear meets rabid Lassie; definitely a combination worth consideration! Certain levels will allow players to take over control of Shadow in almost mini-game style fashion, although in an attempt to prevent the inevitable infuriating game play often found with novel changes of character, the sick little puppy will be rendered invulnerable, paving the way for pure and unadulterated savage kill time; the demonstration of Shadows most vicious move, dubbed the ‘Testi-kill’ by the Volatile Games Team, even left me with my legs crossed, although ripping the undercarriage out of weapon wielding bad guys is never a bad way to rack up kills!

…And they called it Puppy Love

All in all the game offers a lot of potential, even in these developmental stages; and on the few levels open for demonstration alone, provided a very entertaining and highly promising title. Dead To Rights Retribution will be released for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360; and fans of similar titles will be warned not to let this one pass by without some serious interest – this is definitely one title I recommend to watch. Due for release in 2010, it certainly looks to be worth the wait.







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  1. Michael avatar

    Ooh, rabid Lassie you say? YAY! That could make an interesting addition to the film series… ^_^

    Those screenshots, as well as some of the description, may remind me of another game but I can’t think what it is! Grrr…

  2. Loz avatar

    its quite max payne-ish if thats the one ur thhinking of? seems to b the title its getting most comparisons to!

  3. Michael avatar

    Aye, maybe that’s it… A bit Final Fight: Streetwise too? Hmm…

  4. Lorna avatar

    Seems like an interesting title and the rain effects in those screenshots look incredible! Last game I remember having the optin to play as a dog was Secret of Evermore so this sounds jaw gnashingly fun.

  5. Darach avatar

    Wow, this actually has me a bit excited. 🙂

    For my money, there hasn’t been a really good dog-em-up since Shadow Dancer!

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