I used to be all about the Gamerscore, cause I believed, like so many others, that it was important. I think one of our very own Ready Up score whores put best how I felt in his Xbox Live profile bio.


“Kerplink!” The delicious sound of more, more Gamerpoints being added to my gamerscore became an obsession. It gave me a warm fuzzy feeling of smug satisfaction to unlock “Deep and Hard” on COD4 or “Overkill” on Halo 3 and a slight sense of shame after whoring through games that I wouldn’t have even considered playing if it wasn’t for the Gamerscore reward. The thing is, I did something silly, something any dedicated Score Whore should really try and avoid doing, I went and had a baby! Ahhh but y’know, babies are awesome! I must be honest. All cheeks and kicky legs with gummy smiles and giggles. They’re better than games, really, and that’s why they take up so much of your time. They don’t sit and play happily by themselves while you work on unlocking achievements, they want feeding, changing, washing, feeding, bathing, changing, feeding and most of all, attention.

Don’t get me wrong, I love playing Space Baby even when my arms feel like they’re gonna fall off, I can cope with hearing toys that repeat “I’m a friendly light up bear” fifty times a day and I’ve gotten so used to being thrown up on that I barely even notice when I get covered in Boomer Bile whilst playing Left 4 Dead.

! A Boomer has vomited on you !
! A Boomer has vomited on you !

So my life is pretty hectic lately. I just haven’t got time to care about the score anymore. As I write this, I’m honestly not sure what mine is. Gone are the days of loving the Kerplink for the achievements, I now love the Kerplink for a whole different reason. When you lack the time, energy and childcare to go out and socialise in the evenings Xbox Live is a more than satisfactory alternative. Xbox Live is my local, it’s where some of my favourite people hang out. People who I can talk to and laugh with and whose company I really enjoy although a stranger wouldn’t know it by listening to the in-game banter that goes on between us sometimes! Kerplink means I have a message or a game invite or that an Xbox Live pal has come online, and that pal could possibly be you, a Ready Upper,  the very best kind of Xbox Live pal there is!

There's nothing quite like an inbox full of spam invites for making you feel wanted :P
There's nothing quite like an inbox full of spam invites for making you feel wanted 😛







15 responses to “Kerplink!”

  1. markBOSS avatar

    LOL!!!! Vans profile rules!

    p.s. do you ever get that thing where you think you hear the acheivement pop sound randomly, but its just that your slowly losing your mind. Its quite scary.

  2. MrCuddleswick avatar

    *Achievement Unlocked* – “Stopped caring about achievements”

  3. Tony avatar

    I was never that much of an achievement whore anyway, but my chances of truly reaching the dizzy heights of high scores have been shot down by my preference for the PS3 controller.

    So now I have middling scores on both systems. But who cares anyway?

  4. Jake avatar

    I know my score is high but mines more about playing the games – according to my gamercard ive played nearly 400 games. If I was really whoring it my score should be at least double what it is now. I hope I never need to recover my Gamertag!

  5. Del Torro El Sorrow avatar
    Del Torro El Sorrow


    @ MarkBOSS : I get that :(. I think having that tone as my text tone has made it worse…

  6. The Rook avatar
    The Rook

    So instead of building gamerscore, you’re building a baby army. Soon the Riches will be upon us, and unfortunately, that’s not money.

  7. Barry avatar

    I dont mind gamescore whoreing on occasion, normally i wouldnt play a game on hard difficulty, but it gives me a reason to now 🙂

    Yay for invite spam! >.<

  8. van-fu avatar


    Stop lying. You know you are a dirty, filthy score whore. And before this generation of consoles is over, I shall have you underneath me. Ahem.

    Nice blog Laura. I am famous. I love it.

  9. Jake avatar

    @ van: we shall see, my friend. We shall see!

  10. van-fu avatar

    Indeed we shall. Mark my words.

  11. Jake avatar

    Van, what’s scary is only one of us is taking this vendetta seriously :p

  12. Dan Forever avatar
    Dan Forever

    Spam should not be enviable, and yet I am envious of the spam.

  13. Van-Fu avatar

    You lie, Jake. You lie. I am NOT taking this seriously.


    (Damn you and your clever traps)

  14. Lorna avatar

    Great post Laura! I never thought of it that way but you’re right…you can have a party chat scrum with a group of mates without leaving the living room. Easier on the wallet too and no queuing for cabs at the end of the evening 😀

  15. Darach avatar

    I got a big smile reading this. 🙂

    I think its a tribute to the quality of Ready-Uppers that I seem to care less and less about the games, and more and more about the Party Chat.

    1 v 100 anyone? 😀

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