It’s not just for the young(er)

He is in his late forties or early fifties, his greying hair is smartly cut and well maintained. The briefcase on the seat beside him is of the ‘elegant and stylish’ variety and probably cost more than I’d care to guess at and there is a folded copy of the Times newspaper resting atop it. In front of our subject, on the small fold down table, is a smart leather case of the type designed to hold and store things correctly and without fuss and to zip securely and neatly for storage in the aforementioned briefcase.

The contents of this leather case are on display, each in their own location, aligned and at home. They comprise; headphones with adapter, USB charging cable, screen wipes, spare stylus and 3 small translucent cases, each containing a cartridge. In his hand, our new best stranger-friend has a shiny black DS-Lite and he’s tapping away like a good ‘un!

This was on the train on my way home from Watford the other day. The gentleman in question was already in situ when I boarded so he works in London – he may be important, an MD, CEO, Chairman even. He may oversee a business empire but he likes his gaming and he’s not afraid to show it off.

Good for you sir, I salute you!

All gamers, every single one!
All gamers, every single one!







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