Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventures: Muzzled!

Well, we’re up to the third installment so I’m guessing most of you know the gist of this game but those who haven’t been following: Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventures is a good old fashioned point and click game that is being released in four mini-episodes to enable more playability. You switch between Wallace and Gromit throughout the games and as per usual, it’s up to poor old Gromit to save the day when Wallace’s inventions go oh so wrong!

In this adventure, Wallace designs…an ice cream machine that can sample any flavour and create a customised cone for every customer, otherwise known as the “Infiniflavour”. It is obvious from the start that you’re going to be putting something strange in it but as to what…well that will keep you guessing. The local dog home has been destroyed and a gang of mutts are making everyone’s life hell, but the good townspeople decide to have a funfair to raise funds to build a new home for them. These dogs may be trouble makers at first but with Gromit around to tame them you soon have a gang of helpful allies.

All the townspeople from the first two games are in this episode, along with the obvious addition of a new bad guy, and although this could be played as a standalone game there are a couple of in-jokes that are carried over even from the first installment.

Although giving a very Wallace & Gromit-esque storyline, it does feel like the episodes are getting shorter and shorter. Unfortunately, the experienced point and click gamer may find this is exaggerated by the puzzles not getting any harder as you continue, and as we all know – practice makes perfect! The other issue with this game is that it is heavily weighted towards Gromit, with only a smattering of Wallace play in this installment. Personally, I prefer to play as Gromit but something is definitely missed by the one sided gameplay. It does make sense story-wise to be balanced like this but Wallace fans may find themselves not quite as happy as with previous installments.







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    Dave G

    I’ve yet to try any of these games, but reading this I really must!!!

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