Taking Sports to the Next Step


Massively Multiplayer Online games have always been a genre reserved for the likes of RPGs and even the occasional FPS. It’s been one area in the gaming world that despite significant growth has rarely strayed away from the tried and tested path.

Empire of Sports, developed by F4, looks to change all that though. As the “first massively connected multisport 3D game” it is set to bring the world of sports to an even bigger global stage.

It was announced recently that they have teamed up with football giants FC Barcelona, to provide a feature that will provide FC Barcelona with an opportunity to reach out to its supporters through the newly designed FC Barcelona virtual club house. Here, in-game fans and supporters of this world famous football club can freely meet online in a virtual 3D environment and chat about football, as well as find out more about the club and its players. The club house also hosts an in-game character who offers football missions which have been specially created to reflect the Barça’s very unique style of play.

Even the Champions of Europe are present Even the footballing Champions of Europe are present

Of course, football isn’t the only sport within the empire and tennis fans will also be happy to hear that they will now be able to take part in a virtual “French Open”.

“In a first of its kind, ‘Roland-Garros: The Virtual Tournament’ is the official online 3D version of this famous Grand Slam tournament and is now open for anyone to play in the virtual world of Empire of Sports. Very soon, the French Tennis Federation will also be taking up residency in Empire of Sports and will feature a club house modelled with the Roland-Garros colours.”

I’ll soon be taking up my own residency within the Empire of Sports and alongside football and tennis, I’ll have access to skiing, track and field, basketball and, quite terrifyingly, bobsleigh.

You’ll be able to follow the highs and lows of my sporting career right here on Ready Up in the coming weeks.

Empire of Sports is a new kind of massively multiplayer game. It combines the depth of role-play and the competitive dynamics of sports games in an innovative and very ambitious (including technically) persistent world.

It’s currently free to play and you can find out more from their website at: https://www.empireofsports.com.







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  1. John.B avatar

    “It’s been one area in the gaming world that despite significant growth has rarely strayed away from the tried and tested path.”

    Football Manager Live?

  2. Ben avatar

    Hence the “rarely” 🙂

    Number of MMO’s other than RPG or FPS are very few and far between.

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