Guitar Hero 5. Are YOU ready to rock?!

It's new and shiny!
It's new and shiny!

Guitar Hero; A source of joy, hilarity, awe and wonder, banished self-consiousness and hidden talents revealed… now it’s even better!

The new version of our favourite rock-based-game-with-a-guitar-shaped-controller is coming soon as is making some pretty bold promises. “Social and Competitive Gameplay Features Designed for All Levels of Expertise, Puts More Fun and Control in the Hands of Music Lovers” says the press release – this is important enough to be Capitalised Throughout you notice! But on a serious note this is about getting groups of people together and doing more than just strumming, singing and banging along with the tunes. This is about getting groups of people together and MAKING something. For the first time the players will be able to mix up the number and type of instrument used in multi-player games – 4 wild axes head-to-head? Not a problem… how about 4 beautiful voices in a cappella? Lovely!  And this new goodness applies to most of the DLC available for World Tour too!

But this is not all, oh no! The White Stripes, Santana, Kings of Leon and even the man in black himself Mr. Johnny Cash, all of these and others, are featured in Guitar Hero 5. New tunes and classic rock, play it how you like – Rock On!

But there’s more – want party fun? how about the brand new, easy-to-use gameplay modes like Party Play, where players can jump in or drop out of gameplay seamlessly; and RockFest a competitive experience featuring five new head-to-head modes playable online or in your living room with the ability to play the entire set-list right from the word go; putting fun, competition and control at center stage (pun very intended here!) as you tailor the Guitar Hero experience to match YOUR style and YOUR interests.

“Guitar Hero is the music platform for today because it celebrates the social nature of music and brings fans closer to the music and artists they love while allowing them to share and discover music with their friends, family and online communities,” said Dan Rosensweig, president and chief executive officer of Guitar Hero.

There have been enhancements elsewhere too, ever have those moments where everything just comes together? Well now you can be rewarded for them with Band Moments. And there are new challenges where players have to play a certain section of the song in a certain way adding more depth and competitive elements to the game. Core features such as the GHMusic StudioSM have been redesigned, making it the most accessible, fun-to-play and authentic experience for seasoned music gamers as well as first-time players.

Don't argue with him!
Don't argue with him!







3 responses to “Guitar Hero 5. Are YOU ready to rock?!”

  1. ZeroMark avatar

    You know, ive never played guitar hero. Maybe this will be the one to push me over the edge and into rock heaven.

  2. The Rook avatar
    The Rook

    I just hope one of the new features will be to carry tunes from each Guitar Hero to the next. Would have been great to carry GH II and III tracks forward.

    Next up is GH Metallica for me, but GH 5 will be played, as well as the RB titles.

  3. DunK avatar

    I admit I have turned in the Rock Band direction for my plastic instrument flailing now.

    BUT, Guitar Hero has a great tradition of having Pearl Jam tracks available. I’m so weak. ;D

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