Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventures – The Last Resort

It’s a problem that any stalwart Brit will be more than familiar with; a perfect summer holiday ruined by that enigmatic mystery known as English weather. His sunglasses on, beach ball at the ready and sunscreen set to go, Gromit is devastated to find his summer hols cancelled due to a torrential downpour.

Ever ready to turn a bad situation into a money making enterprise, Wallace redecorates his house with a beach resort theme; a candy floss machine in the living room, a water slide in the bedroom and a giant sandy beach in the waterlogged basement.

Like the first adventure, Fright of the Bumblebees, The Last Resort is a point and click adventure featuring Aardman Animation’s clay-mated plasticine duo. In a number of succinct chapters Wallace unwittingly creates a handful of predicaments that his faithful pal Gromit will have to solve before the credits roll. Coming from neo-point-and-click masters Telltale and ex-LucasArts writer Dave Grossman, the game is witty, action-packed and filled with clever and mostly-logical brainteasers.

Like Telltale’s previous games, Sam & Max and Strongbad, The Last Resort reuses most of the characters and locations from the first adventure, but adds a new personality, Scottish brute Duncan McBiscuit, to keep things fresh. It retains the great writing from the first game, to ensure it doesn’t feel out of place in Wallace and Gromit canon.

It’s still a shame that Wallace and Gromit feels far shorter than its Telltale cousins, lacking content like Strongbad’s minigames and item collections. Still, the game offers a cohesive, self-contained storyline and a perfect rainy-afternoon’s entertainment.







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