Another tick in the box

I have managed to tick another game off my long list of things that I must complete: Professor Layton and the curious village. I have that nice warm inner feeling of achievement – and I like it.


Professor Layton awoke something in me that I have not had with a game in a long time. This was the need to actually complete all of it. Normally these days just getting to the credit sequence is enough for me to tick a game off. However that is generally not the game 100% completed, it can be less than 33.33% as I have only done it in one difficulty mode and certainly didn’t find all the extra content.

So I have successfully completed every puzzle in the game. This did sadly involve me looking up a walk through to find the last hidden puzzle in the map but I solved them all on my lonesome. I even did all Layton’s challenges – go me.


So what did I do when I had finished? Well I was on such a puzzle high the only thing that could fill the void was a 1,000 piece jigsaw… and I totally aced that. However I must now return to the virtual gaming world again because other people have requested use of the sitting room table.







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  1. John.B avatar

    There is something perverse about the challenge of 100%-ing Layton. I heartily empathise.

  2. arc14716 avatar

    Nice work, Eleanor. Did you take a photo of that completed 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle before you took it apart? Just curious about how it looked.

    My mom used to like working on jigsaw puzzles. In fact, there are boxes of puzzles in the living room.

    I’m still working on Pokemon Platinum. One of the gyms has a reworked puzzle, where you have to move punching bags around to remove obstacles in order to move around. I tried to do it myself, but got stuck on the last bit of the puzzle, so I had to find a walkthrough online to figure it out. Still, was a bit nervous since I knew one wrong move, and I had to start all over again. It felt good finally solving it.

    Have you tried Hotel Dusk Room 215, which is a similar looking game? You hold the DS like a book and you solve puzzles while solving a complex mystery.

  3. Eleanor avatar

    No I didn’t take a photo, but it was of a baseball pitch. I have been meaning to play Hotel dusk, it is on my list.

  4. The Rook avatar
    The Rook

    I have 1 puzzle left to find in Layton, and 2 sets of Layton’s challenges still to unlock.

    And did a few jigsaws too recently, but they were only 56 piece jigsaws. Mixed a few together to make harder and not looking at the boxes. 😀

    Roll on next Layton game.

  5. arc14716 avatar

    @ Eleanor: What’s a baseball pitch? Is it someone pitching a baseball (like a pitcher?)

    Now I wish you did take a picture of it or had a picture of the puzzle.

    One accomplishment I did 100% of recently: I found all the audio diaries in Bioshock on one complete try. Well, I had help thanks to a strategy guide. Scratch that, actually, GOW2, found all the COG tags and the other extras, again thanks to the help of a online strategy guide.

    Don’t feel too gutted about having to rely on a strategy guide for help in completing a game. Sometimes, it’s good to turn to those for help, especially when you get REALLY stuck.

  6. Tony avatar

    Arc – “baseball pitch” was a mistake I made on my first trip to the USA.

    As the bits of ground you play football and cricket on are a football pitch and a cricket pitch here, we UKnians naturally assume that it would be an “American Football pitch” and a “Baseball pitch” when we hit your side of the pond. Of course, in baseball the pitch is what the bowler (pitcher) does when he lobs (pitchs) the ball at the bloke with the bat!

  7. Michael avatar

    Some of us don’t. : :p

    She meant baseball field. Like Field of Dreams, yeah?

  8. Eleanor avatar

    That is indeed what I meant, thank you Tony and Michael… it was a picture of a whole baseball game, with players in the middle (on the field?) including a pitcher, and fans sat around the outside (in the stalls?). It was a night time game so there were flood lights on.

  9. Michael avatar

    S’alright. I’m pretty sure it’s stands (instead of stalls) too.

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