Things Were Much Simpler Then

It’s amazing the things which inspire you! This post and the notions within it came to me as the result of afternoon tea one evening, the victuals in question were tasty, wholesome and overall pretty good. They were also really simple.

My tea was boiled eggs and soldiers! The after school favourite, the feel-good food of grandparents everywhere and something I’d not indulged in for the thick end of 25 years (I really don’t look that old do I?!).

Simple but GOOD!
Simple but GOOD!

After I’d finished and was re-living some of my salad days the thought hit me. I’d set aside simple meals such as boiled egg and soldiers in favour of more complicated, more interesting and, I suppose, more grown-up dishes and my gaming has moved in a similar path. Gone are the days when munching dots while being chased by ghosts was fun, gone are the times when the Invaders from Space were successfully repelled by my little tanks, gone are the hours spent acting as the Defender of the people  – ripping over the landscape both catching and fleeing from the ghosts of those lost to the grappling of the extra-terrestrial monsters.

I miss them. Things were generally much simpler then and I find myself harking back. I am therefore, going to pay a visit to the Arcade and browse through the Classics to see how much simple fun I can find, one has caught my eye already!

Paperboy - I remember this one!
Paperboy – I remember this one!







5 responses to “Things Were Much Simpler Then”

  1. Lorna avatar

    I have boiled egg and soldiers every week 😉 I loved the simpler days too with little complication…though the games were harder than a diamond sumo. I hope that Arcade has fixed the alarming collision detection on Paperboy…I never did make it past those tyres on Thursdays 🙁

  2. The Rook avatar
    The Rook

    I remember the simplier times too. Although, my first computer (Commodore 16) took me a while to figure out how to load the games. Shift + Run/Stop only worked on C64.

    Games didn’t have the multiple controls we have now, back then it was four directions, sometimes with diagonal movement thrown in, and one fire button.

    Never was a big of Paperboy thou. Give me Bombjack anyday.

  3. MarkuzR avatar

    BOMBJACK!!! That machine ate up most of my pocket money when I were a lad… loved that game, and another one which was a money muncher was Checkman… not sure if anyone remembers that one though, was pretty obscure from what I remember.

    I remember being really disappointed by Bombjack on the Amiga though as it was never as good as it was in the arcade 🙁

  4. Jamesbuc avatar

    Ah ye olde Amgia 🙂
    I think I played through ‘Midnight Resisitance’ so much and completed it so many times. haha

  5. ZeroMark avatar

    I didnt know Paperboy was on XBLA. It was one of my favorite games back in the day (Sounding old). But yea i used to play that on some console im sure at some point.

    Ill have to pick it up on XBLA.

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