Two to go…

The end is near. In under 120 minutes time Dan, Kirsten, Simes, Shaz, Fran and (the still annoyingly perky) Martin will have Burnt Out (literally) for 24 hours in Paradise City.

This last hour between 7 and 8 has been hard on everyone – I’ve had to keep moving to stay awake, I caught John having a crafty nap in a chair while “watching” Shaz through his closed eyes, and Dan’t had to go for a walk outside to perk himself up as he came dangerously close to making a nest in his beanbag and staying there until we shook him out of it whilst packing up.

The guys are still attempting Freeburn Challenges but are getting gradually worse and failing them more often now, as concentration is starting to go. Remember kids, tiredness kills – a fact which I think we have proven quite well with the number of crashes in over the past few hours.

Ant, John and myself are behind the team, helping them to reach their goal, which is so nearly in their grasp.

Whether we’re awake is another matter!







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