In the midnight hour…

The midnight hour has come and gone,
And the team, they are still racing.
Their bodies ache and their eyes are glazed
from the screens they are a-facing.

Fourteen hours have elapsed
Since the challenge was first started
Supporters have come to cheer
But have long since now departed

Ten hours left until the end
And they’re crowned the record holders
But now they’re starting to show the strain
In their faces and their shoulders.

Dan is guiding all the team
To hit the checkpoints they all need
They’re hurtling along, on motorbikes,
at frightening in-game speeds.

Shaz is currently chilling out,
And resting from the game,
She’s played solidly for six hours
to acheive World Record fame.

So join us here, in a few more hours
For updates from right here
As our brave six race bravely on
for the record they hold dear.







4 responses to “In the midnight hour…”

  1. The Rook avatar
    The Rook

    A gaming marathon for a World Record,
    Has put six players to the test,
    Half way done, and now in the early hours,
    We wish you all the best.

    For World Records and for charity,
    Other sites can’t make these claims,
    But, if you want one who can back it up,
    At Ready Up – WE. PLAY. GAMES.

  2. paradox avatar

    i wont try a rhyme, rook will just put me to shame 🙁

    but i will say keep up the sterling job you guys are doing, gutted i didnt get chance to show my support on the day/night, i did try, really really tried lol, but i imagine the list of folk wanting to cheer you all on was mighty big, so you’ll have to settle for me cheering you on in spirit 🙂

    keep it up guys!!!!

  3. Jake avatar

    Rook, you bloody show off :p My next blog is going to be delivered in mime, or something. Maybe not mime.

  4. Denis avatar

    Maybe you could mime typing, and write the whole thing in silence!

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