Six Hours of driving later…

Everyone’s still alive. Everyone’s still awake. The game goes on.

We’re fighting the sun here in Glasgow, as the ridiculously cold air of earlier has been replaced with much warmer and generally sunnier air which is slowly tracking its way across the windows of the Esc Gaming Centre and throwing its evil light upon the team’s screens. We have had staff members from Esc climbing on fridges to solve the problem – you just don’t get that kind of customer service everywhere, you know! The guys here are awesome.

So, six hours have passed. I managed to grab a quick word, almost literally, with Dan as he took a break to top up his energy levels and he seems to be in good spirits, and brimming with confidence as the record unfolds. Everyone’s the same. There’s plently of gentle ribbing as, every now and again, a challenge is failed as someone in the room doesn’t quite make it to the end point in time.

We were joined, a little while ago, by Ready Up Junior Max who took to the streets of Paradise with great aplomb and with little care for any other road-users. He smashed into everything, and it was absolutely brilliant – he seemed to raise the spirit of everyone in the game as we all (players and support team alike) helped to guide him to the checkpoint. Max joining in sums up what this is all about – the fun.

For those keeping track of the Freeburn challenges – the team have now completed 37 out of 490. The latest involved jumping all the other players parked up on the beach. It was pretty awesome to watch, and when it was completed a quite impressively loud cheer was heard coming from Dan’s general direction.

Keep sending the friends requests, and get online to play with us. More updates to follow.







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    That sounds like sooo much fun. You gotta hand it to Criterion too for making such a really great game. 🙂

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