The Spice of Life

It occurred to me the other day whilst having an Indian meal that buying and playing games is a lot like going for Indian food. Now, I know this makes me sound a bit like Swiss Toni from The Fast Show (“Gaming? It’s a lot like making love to a beautiful woman”) but do bear with me.

You start out with a baffling variety of interesting and exotic names to pick from, and then you’ve got to make your decision, often based on little more than a short description and maybe a recommendation from a friend. Do you go for something tried and tested, like the rogan josh, or do you go for something a little bit more exotic and unusual, at the risk of maybe not enjoying your choice and feeling you’ve wasted your money?

FIFA ’09, or Killer 7?

Sometimes the random choice you made really works out well, and you’re chuffed. But other times you find your choice has odd combinations of elements, and really just doesn’t work. You’re longing for your easy choice, safe from anything too controversial and unsavoury.

The same goes for the spiciness, of course. Sphincter-burningly hot or mild and (possibly) flavourless? When you start a new game, do you go for Easy and then find the game bland and unchallenging? Or do you drop a couple of Jalapeños into the mix and go straight into the game on Hard, at the risk of finding it too difficult for you to really enjoy?


And as for the bhajis, the saag aloo and all the other wonderful side dishes – they represent the hundreds of hidden item games, side-missions and other wondefurful gaming tidbits in most modern games. Do you sample your way round everything on the table, or do you dedicate yourself to the main course, and then go back for the side dishes later?

Which just leaves us with one, final element of the whole dining experience. The little chocolate mint that you get at the end. This one’s easy: it’s the sweet little thrill at the end of a satisfying experience, that little plinky sound of “Achievement Unlocked” or “Trophy unlocked”.

Bon appétit!







4 responses to “The Spice of Life”

  1. Lorna avatar

    Swiss Tony 😀 Great blog and surprisingly sound comparisons! I’ll remember that next time I go for teh same Korma that I always get…:D

  2. MarkuzR avatar

    Judging by the photos on your post, I think the only “plinking” sounds I’d hear would be right after my reached the “Sphincter Unlocked” stage the next morning!

    Spot on though… I got to the point with Fallout 3 where almost everything was being obliterated from a single headshot from Lincoln’s Repeater, thanks to my choices of Perks, so I ended up changing the difficulty to the hardest just to give myself a little bit more spice.

  3. James avatar

    XD How I know this.
    And Killer 7 I picked up thinking ‘Oh, people say its actually good’

    20 mins of play later and im completely bored and annoyed by it 🙁

  4. Ramsden avatar

    The little chocolate mint at the end of a meal is something that you enjoy enough to push it in despite being full to burst already. Achievements aren’t nearly as satisfying, or as much of a guilty pleasure. If anything they detract from enjoying a game, because you have all your mates laughing at you for not having certain ones on your Gamercard, or generally having a low overall Gamerscore. Nobody ever went out for an Indian banquet purely to score the chocolate mint at the end.

    Your analogy is riddled with flaws. But nice effort.

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