Sorry I just don’t care anymore

This week I fell out of love. My recent gaming purchases are stacked up on my desk and I just don’t care.

Maybe it’s a kind of malaise, maybe I’m having an ‘off-day’ but I think the truth is that they simply don’t work for me, I’m not getting any kind of satisfaction out of our interactions, they aren’t delivering the fun I crave any more. This was brought to a head this evening when, having paused part way through a frantic get-away in a Bugatti Veyron to eat tea on my return I simply hit the off button and felt nothing.

Part of me is sad, part of me is hurt but mostly I’m just wondering what went wrong.

The answer is probably simple though – I’m buying crap games! But is it that? I’m starting to wonder. You see some of the games I do enjoy picking up and getting stuck into ARE crap, but they’re crap in an arcady, fun kind of way and I know what I’m getting. The other aspect is that when a game is good I simply can’t get enough. Mass Effect got me this way and, when I allow myself, Fallout 3 is heading in the same direction – albeit a little more ponderously. Perhaps then it’s not the games, it’s the genre?

No, I still love Grid and will be spending time on that this week. I still like PGR4 even though in some areas it shows its age a little. I think it’s just that the latest crop are actually a little long on technology and a little short on fun – after all I actually don’t mind wiping out if I can do so spectacularly! I think therefore that I’m going to look for ‘fun’ games and see how that goes. So I’ll be the guy in the queue with handful of one-word titles!

Pure… and simple

Fuel… to the fire







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  1. Celeste avatar

    Ah, poor thing. ‘Tis a shame when this happens. It’s happened to me a few times, but I always get over it when some game manages to get me hooked. But then again, I’ve always been a kind of all or nothing girl.

    If you’re looking for some adulterated fun, Mario is usually up for it!

  2. GamerGeekGirl avatar

    Pure is AWESOME. Probably my favourite “realistic” racer (as in non-cartoony, not *actually* realistic) ever!

    Fallout 3 is indeed as addictive as hell, but it does take quite a while to get really into… I’d give it that while – it will steal your life 😉

  3. MarkuzR avatar

    I can pretty much empathise with you on this. I think I have around 30-40 games for the 360, almost all of which are still blister wrapped. Those which were worthy enough of being opened have either graced me with their presence until they’re entirely played out (Fallout 3, Oblivion, Two Worlds) or started to get played and ended up becoming tiresome very quickly (Red Alert 3, Mass Effect et al).

    In the case of Mass Effect, I just found it a little too linear although I DO plan on going back to it now that I’ve exhausted myself of Fallout 3 and don’t want to complete the final task until I know I have the rest of the DLC to fall back on. With Red Alert 3… it’s the cartoon graphics, the infantile handling and the fact that it’s suddenly become more of an extension to “Loaded” or “FHM” than a bona fide sequel within the fantastic C&C franchise. Fans of C&C slammed the “Generals” and “Zero Hour” releases by EA because they’d ruined the series, but I much prefer playing them to this ridiculous effort they call RA3.

    Perhaps it’s because the games are just not good enough anymore, or perhaps the games are getting TOO good that we’re subconsciously raising our own expectations to the point where nothing satisfies anymore?

    I really enjoyed Two Worlds, although most didn’t. I uncovered every possible part of the map as a personal quest after one of those “just because” ponderings, but I think I still put more hours into Oblivion. I’m looking forward to the new Two World release, although I can guarantee that it’ll massively disappoint. Fallout 3 was a disappointment compared to Oblivion… but it’s not good to compare a post-apocalyptic RPS shooter to a fantasy based sword-yielding RPS so that’s perhaps unfair, yet I still managed to notch up more than 170 hours gameplay with no DLC.

    I played it again last night, even though I’ve finished it (all but the final part of the main quest) and I had to force myself to stop playing it… because the only reason I WAS playing it, was to avoid having to play something else and be disappointed yet again. There’s only so many times you can kill respawned Raiders though, and so the time will come where I’ll eventually have to rip open another cellophane and hope to be impressed.

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