The Feng Shui of peripherals

I’m quite fussy when it comes to how things look, in particular how tidy things are. I hate mess and if my gaming shelf isn’t left tidy and organised then I “cause drama” as they say in certain hip hop circles.

Back in the day setting up my shelf used to be easy, and the only problem occurred when you started to acquire a number of PC games that of course came in shoe box size containers and used enough cardboard to send the rainforest alliance into uproar… well I imagine so anyway.

These days though, things have changed and even more so when you take into account multi-format gaming, just how do you store all of your gaming bits and bobs? It’s getting to the point where a trip to B&Q will be needed along with a spot of DIY to create the ultimate gaming shelf, which will no doubt end up a catastrophe as most home DIY projects go.

Awesome fun, but a pain to house

The biggest problem isn’t with games, the DVD style boxes are brilliant and you can stack at least twenty before the tower starts to lean slightly. It starts to become an issue though when you take into account the abundance of peripherals that accompany today’s games.

I only own an Xbox 360 currently, but even then it’s now reaching bursting point: a handful of controllers, two headsets, a set of “Scene It” controllers, remote control and a plastic guitar. You also have things like play and charge kits and all the wires that seem to get visited by the untidy fairy at night.

I just dread to think what will happen once I take the plunge and go multi-format, and there’s always Rock Band or Guitar Hero: World Tour that keeps tempting me.

But can I keep making space for all these bits and pieces? Probably, but it still doesn’t take away the fact that my gaming area (which also doubles up as the living room) is slowly being consumed by a horde of plastic utensils.







3 responses to “The Feng Shui of peripherals”

  1. Tony avatar

    Wait till you go multiformat!

    Since I took this pic…

    ..I’ve added a PSP and a Wii to the collection, plus at least twenty five new games, and a full Guitar Hero world Tour set (with drums). Also just realised that the pic doesn’t include my Buzz quiz buzzers. Eep!

  2. van-fu avatar

    This is a problem I do not encounter. My girlfriend has tidyness tolerance which seems to be on a par with yours. The gaming stuff is either tidy or it’s in the bin.

  3. The Rook avatar
    The Rook

    I have a drawer under the bed filled with controllers charge kits, headsets, camera and nintendo handhelds. Plus lots of connecting cables and stuff. The cupboard has Guitar Hero III/World Tour and Rock Band guitar controlers, (I gave away the GH II controller). And the spare room has the Rock Band drums.

    Not to mention, running out of room for the games themselves. So I understand what you’re going through Ben. 🙂 Even got some large PC boxed Games in a cupboard from yeeeeaarrs back. Starcraft should be in there and a Leisure Suit Larry collection.

    I’m just glad we don’t get a new controller with every FPS. Then we’d be screwed.

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