Tomb Raider: Lara’s Shadow DLC

The awesome people at Eidos have yet again been kind enough to offer us not one but two unlock codes for Tomb Raider Underworld’s latest downloadable episode, Lara’s Shadow.

You’ll get to play the game from a new perspective controlling the Doppelganger, a dark and deadly double of Lara created by Jacqueline Natla, with superhuman powers and instructions to end the Croft lineage once and for all. Fulfill this new mission and become the ultimate instrument of revenge.

Features include a brand new mission and level introducing the furious killing machine that is Lara’s Shadow. As Lara’s deadly double you’ll have her unique Shadow Powers at your command. Use Shadow Combat to slow time and massively increase the speed and force of her devastating melee attacks. You can utilize Shadow Climb to grab and move along surfaces that would be too dangerous and tough for Lara to ever climb. Gunplay gets serious with Shadow Fire; the weapon’s speed, accuracy and impact shatters impossibly dangerous enemies into pieces. There’s also 125 Achievement points up for grabs.

Ok that’s the official word, here’s mine. I’ve played Lara’s Shadow and the new abilities are pretty cool. From the outset there’s a weird sense of this character possessing none of the poise and grace of the real Lara. Her run is spider-like, her jump is a graceless fling. Do we want to play without that sophistication of control we are so used to? As I played on though Doppleganger’s extreme speed and strength quickly became second nature. Sliding along an edge rather than shimmying is totally spectacular. You’re not meant to warm to the Shadow. She’s a weapon to be wielded, an arrow to fire. She is not a warm, bouncy, soft human lady to gently urge onwards. A genuinely new experience, all Tomb Raider fans will want to play this… if you want to do so for free then enter our fabulous competition!!

For your chance to win just email us here with the answer to the following question:
Who created Lara’s Doppleganger?

A) Werner Von Croy
B) Amanda Evert
C) Jacqueline Natla

Good luck from all of us at Ready-Up!







4 responses to “Tomb Raider: Lara’s Shadow DLC”

  1. Darach avatar

    Oh, this looks very cool. I loved the trailer for this and am seriously tempted to pick it up.
    Classic Tomb Raider married to some Sands Of Time style time puzzles? Yes please! 😀

    Hats off to Eidos too, for really adding to their game with their DLC.

  2. The Rook avatar
    The Rook

    I enjoyed playing this, so many ledges tranversed in speed mode to make it easier to move along. As for the melee attacks, this was how I played the game, I hardly used the guns at all as Lara’s Shadow is fiercely strong.

    Some slow mo techniques for tranversing but I did not like the puzzles, there were too linear for me. The answer to the puzzles generally could be solved by going the only way open to you, I would ahve preferred a bit more exploration.

    However, I did like how it tied into the main game and Under The Ashes. I still want more thou. Tomb Raider is an excellent franchise. I wonder if Lara will use Guardian Forces in the next one. :p

  3. Scott avatar

    I’ve been working through Tomb Raider: Anniversary Edition in-between bouts of Street Fighter IV and repeat sessions of RE5. I’ve seen Underworld for a very reasonable price online, so I should look to get this afterwards!

  4. Jake avatar

    I downloaded this on release but haven’t played it yet. Can’t believe I just read how good is is after I’ve turned the ‘box off… *curses*

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