A not so Final Fantasy

At the age of 26, and what I would like to consider, being quite a respectable young woman, there’s not much in this world with the ability to make me pout like a child. Starbucks hot chocolate that scolds me when I’m too damn eager to drink it, my mp3 player batteries dying on me when I’m travelling through London at rush hour or still, after nearly two years of trying, being embarrassingly incapable of pulling out Alucard’s super jump move on the Xbox Live Arcade version of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (it’s the D pad I tell you).

So imagine my horror when on a casual stroll through Play.com’s games section on a recent lunch break from work, that under one of my gaming events of the year, Final Fantasy XIII, I discover the words ‘date to be confirmed‘.

I, along with many, have gotten somewhat used to the tell tale signs of a game bound to have a release date pushed back. No box artwork, lack of trailers or in-game footage; hype in the market is far more valuable than accurate release information. I should have been more open to the fact that it was incredibly likely after the extreme lack all round of any solid information regarding the in depth qualities of the game. The recent trailer although firmly making my jaw drop in its stunning visual beauty, showed little more than a collection of FMV sequences around a small example of the latest battle system. The clincher of course being the ‘In production for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360’ on the end credits. But there’s always a fools hope that a game will be released sooner rather than later.

So what does an RPG lover in pain do to ease the disappointment of having to wait? Scour the internet for any possible information, the slightest hint, or hope of finding some unheard of but very well connected fan page that says don’t worry, it won’t be long! Well, unfortunately that wasn’t completely the case as the actual release date seems very dependant on already scheduled releases from Square-Enix, and could very well be as late as April 2010!

However, there was a little light at the end of my tunnel. Announcement of a Final Fantasy: Advent Children bundle containing a themed Playstation 3 and a two hour demo for the latest title, has reignited the old rumors of a potential Final Fantasy 7 remake for the future. Square-Enix have always remained tight lipped, and sometimes openly dismissed the possibility of such a game being in production. And yet, it seems that every time people are about ready to hang up their hopes of having one of the most successful RPGs of all time remade for a next gen console, a spokesperson will always hint at the possibility. In the most recent case: it’s a matter of timing.

Given the current financial climate, and the fact that PS3 is somewhat trailing in sales next to the Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360, it’s very likely that the announcement of a revamped Final Fantasy 7 could be just what the Sony doctor ordered, especially if exclusive. It’s enough to keep my hope alive, for now!







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  1. Zoey avatar

    I’ve desperately wanted Final Fantasy 7 to be remade for as long as I can remember. I just hope they decide to make it a full game and not a downloadable one. That way I can proudly put my new copy in my collection of FF games. We can only hope the delay on FF13 is to improve it. RPGs are vanishing into oblivion (no pun intended) far too much these days – where is Blue Dragon 2, Cry On and although not an RPG what the hell is happening with Assassins Creed 2!

  2. NorfolkNChance avatar

    I’d get me some FF7 if they pushed it out all revamped, missed it originally.

  3. Loz avatar

    I think i would actually cry if they announced a new version of FF7, and id definitely buy a ps3 to play it! i was highly tempted to get a ps3 for final fantasy 13, but as its on xbox too i saved £300! by far the best of the series.. only if you really push me to pick a favorite tho!

  4. Kirsten avatar

    I wouldn’t be surprised if it was 2010 for FFXIII based on the track record. Suicidal maybe but not surprised.

  5. MrCuddleswick avatar

    Yeah, I wasn’t expecting the new one till 2010. As for FFVII being PS3 exclusive…..if there was such a title, wouldn’t that be a bit of a kick in the teeth from Square to Microsoft, seeing as how they’re now such happy bedfellows? Can’t see it happening.

  6. Ben avatar

    Mixed feelings on this one for me.

    I fall into the category of “I love FF: VII to bits.” The game has such depth to its story and most importantly (to me at least) its characters. There’s still a few games in my eyes that have boasted a cast of characters so well designed and thought out than those of Cloud & Co.

    Goes without saying I’d love to see it released, remastered in all its high def glory.

    However, the only concern I’d have is that they’d balls it up and taint my memory of it.

    If I was Square, I’d be saying “Ok, Sony / Microsoft, start the bidding, winner gets FF:VII on their console.” Not likely to happen, but in today’s financial climate, who knows what might just happen.

    That PS3 looks lovely though – Always wanted a door knob shaped like that…

  7. Michael avatar

    I don’t know, part of me wants FFVII to be remade – it was my first RPG and that has more or less been my main gaming (genre) love since the beginning – but, as Ben said, there’s always that tiny nagging fear that they will mess it up. Or rather, that it won’t seem so good with my rose-tinted glasses blinding me to what may be better with the graphical overhaul.

    I’m wary of XIII after the disaster that was XII, in terms of story/character at least. And yes, you might not like the stereotypical pretty boy hero they usually use but, personally, there’s always been at least one character per game I liked. While Fran and Balthier were good, great even, they were, hmm, underused? The rest were pretty meh.

  8. Jake avatar

    Yeah, I read of the delay the other week I think and wept a little inside. I have all the other FFs so was very much looking forward to getting this one but when the delay was mentioned I could swear all my unfinished games let out a little cheer.

  9. Lordstar avatar

    If FF7 does not get a remake for for the current gen I will eat my hat and anyone else who cares to post it to me (hit me up for my PO box) there really is way way way too much money to be made from a remake to pass on it. I mean there must be the most loved of all the series and everyone chimes in how much of a great game it was. Even people who dont like the series who played the game say its a very good game.

    Square enix would be very silly not to make it. Simple as that.

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