The minefield of online scammers!

I was absolutely gobsmacked whilst on Xbox Live the other day to realise I was being targeted in a scam! And here I thought it was just internet users who had problems. I was emailed by Bungie (supposedly) asking if I wanted to take part in the Halo Odst Beta. Sounds reasonable enough for a writer, right? But after I agreed to this they then wanted me to provide them with my Xbox Live email address and password… and then alarm bells started ringing. Surely we all know by now that there is no WAY you ever give those details out to anyone!

Intrigued by their lack of subtlety I began to question them as to why they wanted this information, only to be told that apparently Microsoft doesn’t allow them to credit Beta codes to anyone’s accounts. At which point I really started to question if ANY research had been done before this scam had been started – we all know Microsoft is the publisher for Bungie, right? Obviously this scam was put together by some people simply hoping that gamers wouldn’t expect to be scammed on Xbox Live. I was shocked and appalled when I checked the friends list of the people scamming and discovered they almost have a full friends list already.

Whether they are using the details to steal profiles or whether they have an even more sinister motive in mind is something I will never know but I hope this message will provide some of our less experienced readers with an important warning – NEVER GIVE YOUR DETAILS OUT! And if you’re unsure, do what I did – phone Microsoft’s Xbox 360 line and question them. They know nothing about this little “Bungie” scam so stay clear. Let’s just hope that the real Bungie get in to put a stop to this before too much damage is done.

I wish I could say this was the first I’d heard of this but it has also happened to two people on my friends list in different scams. Luckily both of them were able to get their profiles back, but after their profile was used to send out spam to their whole list encouraging people to go to websites for freebies that actually contained a virus. Xbox Live should be a safe forum for gaming – let’s help keep it that way.







5 responses to “The minefield of online scammers!”

  1. lordstar avatar

    yeah a lot of kids could get cought by this. But I think if anyone falls for this sort of thing when your somewhat wise of the internet then you deserve to have your account high jacked.

  2. Kate avatar

    So what was Microsoft’s response? Did they ask for the gamertag with a view to investigate?

    I remember I once nearly got scammed by someone ringing me up claiming to be from my bank. When I clicked onto what was going on and rang my bank – offering to give them the number that contacted me – they just didn’t give a toss.

  3. Zoey avatar

    To Kate: No they didn’t take the tag. The person I spoke to didn’t seem remotely interested in taking details of it at all which really surprised me as surely this person should be kicked instantly as it says in the article Tony linked to.

  4. Lorna avatar

    That’s pretty shitty, but I suppose it was just a matter of time before this sort of thing came to the Xbox and no dobt will do so for Home. Shame on MS’s shoddy customer service there, Zoey 🙁

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