An Obituary

Warren Clyde, gun for hire, has been killed during a skirmish in Africa. He was 33. Clyde, who held a civil aviation license in the Bahamas, was believed to have been involved in a bitter civil war between two rival factions – the United Front for Liberation and Labout (UFLL) and the Alliance for Popular Resistance (APR). It is thought that the fighting between these factions has escalated since a man know as “The Jackal” has entered the fray, bringing large supplies of munitions to the country. Clyde was, it is believed, indirectly helping a lone soldier to bring down the Jackal and end the conflict.

Although Clyde was a secretive person, he was known to be friends with Jake, a correspondant of well-known and respected gaming website, who has fought beside Clyde several times.

“I was absoluted devastated,” said Jake, when asked to comment on his friend’s death. “Warren has been there for me so many times, I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for him. I never thought that I’d be in a position where the roles were reversed, or that things could turn out so badly. There was literally nothing I could do to save him, no matter how many times I reloaded. It was all I could do to make it out of there in once piece myself. He was covering me while I, how can I put it? While I acquired some gold in an oasis in the Northern Territory. The mission went without a hitch, but as soon as I placed a tracer on the gold all hell broke loose.

“I could hear the gunfire above me. The sounds of people screaming, of Warren shouting for me to get up there and help him. When I emerged from my hole the scene was one of devastation. I was operating on autopilot, just trying to stay alive.”

It is believed that the mission which claimed Clyde’s life was arranged by one of the factions in the civil war, but that their opponents lay in wait, ready to spring their deadly trap. Jake tells us more about what happened,

“When I looked around, there were people everywhere. Shouting at me. Shooting at me. I caught a glimpse of Warren as he staggered across the desert, before he collapsed from his injuries. I wasn’t faring too well myself, and began to lose consciousness. When I came to, I found that I had been dragged to safety by Josip Idromeno – someone that both Warren and myself got along with. I guess I feel guilty for being the one that was dragged to safety. I don’t know what it is that makes me angry about it. I just couldn’t do anything to save him.”

It is believed that Clyde received medical attention in the field, but that his injuries were too severe. The body was never recovered, but it is thought that Clyde died from numerous bullet wounds, although there are reports to suggest that he may have suffered severe burns as many locals reported seeing smoke coming from the direction of the oasis around the time of the skirmish.

Clyde leaves an empty place at Mike’s bar, and a bag of drugs that he’d asked to be liberated from a nearby greenhouse.







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  1. John.B avatar

    It’s a game I certainly need to pick up at some point, especially if it prompts awesome posts like this!

  2. Laura avatar

    Brilliant! This is now my new favourite RU blog EVAR, I lol’d so much I have woken up the spawnling! 😀

    Oh yeah, sorry for your loss Jake 🙁

  3. James avatar

    My thoughts are with you during this dark hour.

  4. Kirsten avatar

    With sympathy – Kirsten Kearney

  5. MrCuddleswick avatar

    Brilliant! I knew a man called Warren Clyde too, but he died in a slightly different way.

    Purest, deepest sympathies.

  6.  avatar

    sorry for your loss mate, sounds like you’ve lost a real good friend there 🙁

  7. paradox avatar

    ^that anonymous was me btw.

  8. Mark avatar

    I don’t want to shock you.

    But I WAS Warren Clyde.

  9. Michael avatar

    *grumbles* I suppose that means I have to play it now…


  10. Nick Wade (KNIGHTFALL666) avatar
    Nick Wade (KNIGHTFALL666)

    we have lost people along the way but the mission must continue, great blog

  11. Andy Turner avatar
    Andy Turner

    It’s always sad when a friend dies…I’m still not quite over E-102 yet…sometimes when I wake up in the mornings for those few blissful moments where dreams and reality meet it’s like he’s still alive.

    We just have to take it a day at a time.

  12. Uzi avatar

    Sounds like you’ve not finished the story, yet.

    As someone who has, I can say with knowledge that Warren’s death is probably for the best.

    You’ll see…

    Great game. I accidentally fragged my best-buddy. Difficult to take the time to tell the difference between friend and foe when you’re out of syrettes and low on health.

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