Disposable (Guitar) Heroes

I do adore the Guitar Hero franchise. Being devoid of musical talent and any kind of dedication it manages to scratch that itch of performing and providing a musical challenge. Guitar Hero World Tour took it to the next level for me with vocal and drum additions causing the neighbours much distress and me much delight. This is why my eye has started to wander to the next game coming and luckily it’s being focused on one of the greatest bands ever to grace a stage.

Guitar Hero: Metallica is the second Guitar Hero game to focus on a specific band (after Aerosmith led the way) and is similar in that it comprises of a collection of the bands tracks along with music that inspired them. The set list is shaping up to be incredibly strong, with everything from Queen to Slayer all set to belt out of your speakers and as to be expected with Metallica the guitar will be supremely good fun to play. For those gamers who have the dexterity to master the highest difficulty in Guitar Hero: World Tour an “Expert-Plus” difficulty setting has been added to add a challenge. I get the feeling I won’t be going anywhere near that particular feature, I find normal tough going at times! One of the biggest draws of the game will undoubtedly be attempting to emulate Lars Ulrich on drums, Neversoft know this and are supplying the unthinkable for drums. A second bass pedal. Yes you read correctly, you’ll be playing with two bass pedals making the drums just that bit more insane and a bit more challenging. Making the most of this will be a new “Drum Over” mode letting you freestyle over any track on drums. Adding to that a myriad of little touches (such as videos involving the band, slightly modified GH Tunes and Metallica themed battle weapons) and you have what’s shaping up to be a tidy package.

So it’s my beloved Guitar Hero World Tour but with extras, god save my neighbours ears come May 5th!







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  1. Snozzeltoff avatar

    Double Bassing on GH Drums, thats just awesome.
    But no doubt really hard.

    Rock Band has the AC/DC themed game, if your a fan then you’ll love it, its all live tracks and really feels like your playing an epic gig.

  2. lordstar avatar

    I have to say im a bigger fan of the Rockband franchise. The tracks are cheaper and i just perfer the feel and layout (be it a tiny difrence)

    But metalica traks all on one disc, FUCK YEAH! Better than.

    I heard that one of the metalica GH tracks was actuallt mixed better in the game than on the album. The most reicent album pushes the drums to the front as where the GH version everything is on even footing. LOL at modern metalica.

  3. Andy Turner avatar
    Andy Turner

    Ahhhh so some wishes DO come true

  4. Edd avatar

    I’d only care about this game if Harmonix was making it. Thankfully, my wallet can stay a bit fuller.

  5. The Rook avatar
    The Rook

    I, too, love the Guitar Hero/Rock Band games and will get this when it comes out. Can’t say I know alot of Metallica songs, but I’m sure I will recognise some of them. I didn’t know all of Aerosmith’s tracks either.

    Still need to go bAck to GHWT and try a few more songs online or get a few more achievements, and still need to pick up Rock Band 2. The way things are going thou, Metallica might be first.

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