Glamour Gaming?

As unusual as it may sound to anyone who knows me, and maybe some who don’t, I picked up the current issue of Glamour Magazine on Tuesday. Now my main reason for stopping in the WHSmiths to pick up a magazine on my way home from work was because my DS had run out of power on the way to work. I’d already read the newspaper on the way to work so it was magazine time on the way home. My commute is over an hour long and for me that’s way too long to be staring out the window into the dark.

Now before anyone decides to pick on me for buying a girly magazine, Tony I’m looking at you, it’s one of the very few with some substance – more than just a bit of meaningless fashion. I bet you’re wondering what the hell I’m doing posting about girl mags on a gaming site, well I have a good reason and that of course is the gaming contents of the magazine.

There was not one article, not two articles, but three articles on gaming. At first I thought these must be advertisements, but couldn’t find anything that said they were. I can’t tell you how overjoyed I was to find three gaming articles in such a girly magazine. The first was about casual games such as In the Movies and High School Musical on the Xbox 360; the second about the DS and Nintendogs and the third specifically about Lips. All are casual games, but that doesn’t matter. I’ve read in many places that 40% of gamers are females and I’d be willing to bet that most of them are casual gamers.

This is just the beginning. Gaming is moving forward and it looks like the female magazine market is finally realising that gaming isn’t just something that guys do. So girls, time to do a little happy dance for Glamour Magazine seeing the light.







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  1. Kirsten avatar

    I read Grazia if Angelina Jolie is in it. *ashamed*

  2. Emily avatar

    Aaa! Burn them! Burn them all!

    To be slightly more relevent, I remember reading years ago about The Sims: Superstar in a girls magazine, and that was back in 2004. It was my sisters’ magazine. I would not spend money on a womans magazine.

  3. John.B avatar

    I was listening to 1up Yours and John Davidson (the guy who runs said he was interviewed for a bridal magazine about Wii. It’s ludicrous the amount of people interested in gaming as a whole now, feels utterly strange given how I and all of us will have been regarded by general public in the past for gaming. Now we’re…normal.

  4. Tony avatar

    Hey, I wouldn’t pick on you for buying a girly magazine. I love girly magazines. For some reason women’s magazines have as many pictures of scantily clad girls in as men’s magazines, hence they’re always good for a flick through…

  5. Donna avatar

    I think we’re a long way off from being normal, we’re jsut not as weird as we were. I think it’s brilliant.

    I think the most resistance has been in the female venue of it all so I’m totally chuffed to see even small pieces about gaming in female magazines.

    Emily, not all women’s magazines are all fluff and fashion. Glamour is a good example, which is why I occasionally buy it. And when small pieces like these start showing up it makes me want to buy it even more. It may seem insignificant, but 3 gaming articles in a major female magazine is a big deal and good news.

  6. Michael avatar

    Does that say sword-wielding gremlins?

    Pity they don’t also realise, going by the article in that shot you used, that blokes aren’t always “in a competitive trance” while playing. But small steps and all…

  7. Donna avatar

    Yea that piece did have a little negative splatter on male gamers that kinda made me cringe.

  8. Lordstar avatar

    some one got a screen grab of the article or a copy paste? Im intrigued as to what they have been saying about us male gamers.

  9. Donna avatar

    Go buy the magazine. It’s only £2. And don’t tell me you can’t just because you’re a guy.

    It’s only a couple sentences, but it irked me because I get annoyed at derogatory comments regarding bad stereotypes and gaming no matter what gender it is. It isn’t a huge slagging, just a passing comment more than anything.

  10. Michael avatar

    You’re telling me you can’t read the text in the picture up there, Lordstar? I think that’s all there is to it about male gamers; it does seem to be a one page piece (but there might be stuff in the other articles). It says “And while the Xbox 360 won’t surgically *some word I can’t make out but it looks like tied though that doesn’t make sense* you to the sofa in a competitive trance with the screen (like the male of the species), we can’t promise you won’t find it addictive”. OK?

  11. Lorna avatar

    I hate those awful pictures they use of ‘happy fun loving women’ jumping up and down like the dial on their buzzy-pants is stuck on maximum…looks like a sanitary towel advert, too. I gave up on women’s mags a long time ago, though I have a Cosmo book to thank for all the facts I know about penises.

  12. Tony avatar

    Ooooh, facts about penises.

    I’d love to know what those are. After all, I’ve got one and I can’t think of any interesting facts about it.

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