Multitasking is the answer

I have nearly got to the end of the epic Gears of War 2 co-operative campaign. This is a game I bought on its day of release but I still have Call Of Duty: World at War and Mass Effect to complete. I appreciate many people are suffering the gaming glut that is the last quarter of 2008 but something has changed in the way I play which makes the situation worse – I’m not multitasking.

I play regularly but recently I cannot bring myself to play more than one game in a sitting, it’s too much. Jokes about walking and chewing gum aside, if I couldn’t multitask in other areas of my life I simply wouldn’t survive. So why do I find it increasingly difficult in my gaming life?

In Gears of War 2, my current co-op partner Tony tends to retire before I do so on the evenings we get to play, I could have up to an hour of gameplay left in my usual gaming sittings but in the last two months, I’ve powered off for the night.

The answer is a mixture of two elements, both formed by the nature of modern gaming. I believe my problem is a testament to the in-depth nature of modern co-operative play. It takes a while to get into the flow of a game when I play with a friend but once I’m there it takes even longer to get out. This great experience makes switching games a jolt to the system; it feels very much like pausing one good movie only to continue watching another.

The second barrier to switching games is the time it takes to get used to a new control system but NXE should be able to solve that issue.

Now I appreciate with Xbox Arcade, there are other less involved forms of play available but it’s Christmas and I feel like I should be able to have my gaming pleasure cake and eat it.

My partly eaten multitasking cake






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  1. Joe(DS:London) avatar

    The real trick is to turn off the xbox and get a DS to play chrono trigger (or any other RPG) after maiming countless hordes!

  2. Lorna avatar

    I haven’t yet taken on an epic multiplayer, but I can understand what you say. Even playing a few Live games for a while leaves me idly pottering around the dash once they’re done. I could play something else but for some reason I never do and invariably end up switching off. Strange 🙂

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