Learning to Walk Again

If you check out my Ready Up bio, you’ll see that I am a self-proclaimed Call of Duty 4:Modern Warfare multiplayer nut. It’s the first shooter I was ever really good at both on and offline. I generally suck at games like Halo, Medal of Honor and Unreal Tournament, so learning I didn’t completely blow at Modern Warfare, I stuck with it for an insane amount of time.

I ain’t much of a PC gamer, due to my terribly old, heap of scrap machine, which is lagging like crazy as I write this post, so the joys of huge multiplayer frag fests were relatively unknown up until this point. Anyone who has ever played a team death match on the excruciatingly small Shipment map will know how intense and fun the online mode can be.

Cod 4 - Creek Map

Call of Duty 4’s Creek map. I’m pretty handy with a sniper rifle on this map, but….

Myself and my good friend spent months unlocking all of the perks and weapons, trying to complete all of the challenges along the way. There was something so addictive about all of it.

Of course, it was only a matter of time before the latest entry in the series, World at War, hit the shelves and, while the mulitplayer remains fundamentally unchanged from Call of Duty 4, I found myself really out of my depth. Gone are the easily-won kill streaks and easily fought stand offs, only to be replaced with crippling defeat and embarrassing screw-ups.

It may take a bit of getting used to, but I am pretty poor at World at War’s multiplayer maps. I think it might have something to do with how big they have become, doing away with narrow Iraqi back streets and small indoor skirmishes. Instead, they have been replaced with rolling fields and expansive, decaying Russian train yards.

Cod: World at War - Allies Mission

…I am really terrible at the Call of Duty: World at War multiplayer. What’s going on? :'(

Snipers are the main problem, this is definitely a game that favours the soldier with long-range proficiency. Plus, the dog attacks are a bit too powerful, while the tanks are underwhelming. It could be that I’m complaining too much because I’m yet to find my feet with World of War’s multiplayer, but I’m confident of one thing: Online, this is definitely a much more complex beast than Modern Warfare’s multiplayer. It’s going to take some time to drag myself out of this funk. Looks like it’s back to boot camp soldier!


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  1. Tony avatar

    I’ve not touched the multiplayer on this excluding working through the story missions with Anthony on co-op.

    I was surprised to see today that Major Nelson was reporting the top 10 Live titles and COD4 was above COD:WAW – so maybe it’s not just you?

  2. Dave avatar

    Not sure, at first I thought I was just rusty, but I think levelled up players get a much bigger advantage than they did in CoD4, the battles in Modern Warfare feel more compacted and tense too, as opposed to some of WAWs large maps. I spent ages walking around looking for enemies getting sniped on my way to the battlezone.

  3. Tony avatar

    A bigger advantage?

    Damn, one of my biggest gripes with COD4 was how the game rewarded the players with the most experience with bigger guns, and the teams who are already kicking butt get all the airstrikes and other advantages,

    Still, I’m enjoying the main story.

  4. Colin avatar

    I have noticed that COD4 multiplayer is still very busy at the moment so it looks as though WAW is taking some time to bed in.

    A lot of people I have spoken to are making WAW the game they miss out because of all the other top titles realeased around this time

  5. City avatar

    Nazi zombies!
    That is all..

    Actually. I’d really like WAW if it wasnt for the silly amount going on at once, meaning there is so much smoke you cant see the Banzi warrior sneaking up on you..
    The shear amount of fire and smoke has made my rig drops more frame rates then i have ever seen, and considering my setup I was just a tad miffed at this.
    The Boyfriend is finding the online stuff silly easy, i mean hes put less than 10 hours into and hes rank 20 or something! But he prefers Nazi Zombies..

    Has anyone noticed, Cod4 did a Chernobyl level.. and it was better than STALKER, and now theyve done zombies..

    its like they do a level from a game currently out to say like “hey we could do that, and we could do it better.. if we wanted”

  6. Dave avatar

    Colin: Don’t I know it, I have way too much to plough through at the moment, I haven’t given the WaW mutliplayer a decent amount of time.

    City: Yeah the Chernobyl level was brilliant wasn’t it? Your boyfriend has to tell me his secret! I’m sucking at the online multiplayer 🙁

  7. City avatar

    haha Dave I just got told off.. apparently hes played the online multi for 4 hours and he is level 23 or 24.. apparently mentioning 10 hours makes him sound crap? (hes madly competitve).

    His secret? erm.. he is just generally VERY good at any fps game (apart from this one STALKER death match where i got close enough to knife him – i was very happy).
    He doesnt stay still for long, he doesnt snipe either, and he likes granades? i dont know really!

    (and yes the Chernobyl level definately put stalker to shame!)

  8. Michael avatar

    In Call of Duty 4, I am reliably informed, Search and Destroy was a good mode for levelling up fairly quickly. No, I didn’t exploit that.

    10 hours? 10 HOURS?! Only two levels an hour… that IS crap. 😉

    Yes, there are Nazi zombies. I read that so it must be true.

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