Guinness World Records: The Videogame (Juniors)

Guiness World records is an attempt to take you into the world of the famous record breaking book.  Indeed the first thing that you notice is that you have to hold the DS on its side, just like a book.  Basically it is a collection of minigames stuffed with record breaking stats and figures.  Some games are great, some are not so great but that’s not for the adult to decide, I shall let you know what my junior felt about it.

Name: Shannon
Age: 7

What did you like about the game?
Shannon: I liked dressing up and changing the way my character looked.  Sometimes she had black hair and sometimes she had blonde hair.

What did you not like about the game?
Shannon: I didn’t know how to play some of the games because the controls were quite tricky to learn.  Some of the games were really hard.

Who was your favourite character?
Shannon: I liked the one that I made, but I didn’t call her Shannon.  She has nice clothes and hair.

What was the best bit of the game?
Shannon: I liked the game where you had to break watermellons.  I managed to break more than my dad!

What was the worst bit of the game?
Shannon: Some of the games I wanted to play were too hard, so I switched it off.

How much fun was this game?
Shannon: It was ok but just too hard sometimes.







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