The red pill or blue pill!


I go all strange at Christmas time, perhaps it’s the colourful lights that line the city centre, perhaps it’s the smell of freshly made produce at the Christmas market that will soon arrive, this year is different though, and the blame is firmly on gaming.

I currently own a 360 Premium, however after numerous trips to the repair depot I’m very tempted to trade it in for a newer model, i.e. an Elite. Technical advantages aside, this has a number of benefits. For instance, I am quite keen to start installing my games directly onto the hard drive, a feature which we’ll see next week with the release of NXE. While I can get away with this on my current 360, the measly 20GB hard drive, of which most of it is eaten up by the system files itself will probably only leave me with enough space to install one game, two maybe if I’m lucky and the games I choose are small in disk size. There’s also the fact it’s black, which fits in well in my gaming area, my PC is black: Tower, monitor, keyboard and mice too. My soon to be purchased HD ready TV will be black, in the end it’s safe to say the cream white finish is messing with my Feng shui, which just shouldn’t happen as furniture gets re-arranged and all sorts.

Things are never that simple though, and I now find myself drawn towards the PS3 like a moth to a blinking porch light that you’ve foolishly left on at 11pm at night. This time last year I wasn’t bothered with the PS3, but now there’s all sorts of games on it that I quite fancy, not to mention I crave for Little Big Planet and just want it…now. Factor in the Blu-ray player functionality that will no doubt make my purchase of that previously mentioned HD TV even more justified (buyer’s remorse is horrible.)

So there’s the dilemma, on one hand I can upgrade and enhance my 360 experience, but on the other hand I can open my world to a previously closed door, something I imagine will be like stepping through the wardrobe into Narnia for the first time.

Curse you decision monster! Now if you excuse me I’m off to play as many games of chance as possible, there’s only one way to settle this.







4 responses to “The red pill or blue pill!”

  1. Barry avatar

    Although HD ready TVs are better than CRT’s, you still wont get the most from Bluray until you buy a Full HD TV 🙂

    a question for someone to answer, on average how much gb per 360 gamedisc?

  2. Tony avatar

    Barry, I think the limit is 7gb on a 360 disc. So not many games per feeble 20gb hard drive like mine!

    I have my PS3 through a 1080p TV and it’s awesome. Admittedly most of the games actually only run in 720p but Blu Ray works on 1080p and so does Wipeout HD!

  3.  avatar

    Cheers Tony, wont be so bad for me, I’ll be able to put on a fair few games on mine

  4. Donna avatar

    I have both a PS3 and an 360. I am so blissfully happy about deciding to get the PS3. Not to mention that I think LBP is reason enough to get one.

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