Song, sung blue.

I admit it with no hesitation whatsoever, I am a sucker for a sad song.  It has to be at the right time though and for the right reasons, I don’t just shove on sad songs for a good time.  For some reason, when I’m feeling a bit down, I make myself worse by listening to something that is so lyrically beautiful!  One of my favoured sad songs of choice is this, it brings me right down, but not in a bad way.  Wondering where this is going, what on earth is this to do with games?  Give me a minute I’m still trying to work it out myself, just kidding.  Right, get your hankies ready, seriously, after twelve years my (now ex) girlfriend has decided to finish with me.  To say it was unexpected and a bit gutting would be a huge understatement, but as usual I turned to my music collection to seek some solace.

It\'s just so beautiful

This though got me wondering, why is there not a similar genre within games?  Is there not room for a sad game that we can play in the times of need, but how exactly would it be done.  I have wracked my brains all day thinking about this and the only idea that I have is to have sad music in it.  We have all heard countless times about how sad it was to see Aeris dying, or how a tough decision in a game was deeply troubling, but they were just scenes, not the tone of the entire game.  I understand that it would be a bit of a niche market, but hey we all get sad sometimes and need that wee lift up, or down, to get through it.  Of course there is a risk that by attempting to tap into an emotion that has never been used in games it would just end up as a collection of depressive imagery, not what I’m looking for.  Maybe the game could just be about the everyday trudge; waking up, going to work, coming home, going to bed.  Oh, wait a minute was that not called “Shenmue”?  But seriously, it could be Shenmue just less bright and active, just enough to take you down a peg or two.  There could be a rotten cafe that has a jukebox that only plays sad songs, a dartboard with no darts, arcade machines that only take old ten pence’s!  I could be on to something here, there could be dirty slush on the roads, no buses that go anywhere and an alarm clock that doesn’t work.  Just think how utterly crap it would be, just like real life, you could have custom soundtracks too, nothing but Elton John and Coldplay!  On second thoughts, no Coldplay I’m not suicidal.  A shooter wouldn’t work unless of course you could scan in pictures of people to shoot.  So at least I’ve decided on the game, now all I need is a name for it, it can’t be too descriptive though…Sadmue? No that doesn’t make any sense, what about Sadme?  That fits fine, it’s short, to the point and most of all it involves the player.

Give him a beard and it\'s me.

It really surprises me that this kind of idea has not been picked up on before, after all games are the biggest form of entertainment with a huge audience.  Like I said before, we all get sad sometimes, at those times we can watch tailor made films, listen to sad music just not play a sad game.  OK, I’m having a rough time just now and I’m probably the only person that wants to play this game, but as I am feeling down I cant enthuse myself with the games I want to play that would make me feel good.  Emotions are funny things, we all have them, we all need them but they makes us feel and do things that we can’t control.  Games can illicit emotions in us through various mediums-music, scenes, narrative etcetera but can we put our emotions into a game?  Largely the answer would be no, and that is something that the industry should maybe look at.  Mind you the other overlooked idea I have is games related birthday cards, you read it here first and it was my idea. Alas now I find myself in a situation I don’t want to be in, if I could let my ex listen to one last song it would be this.  She doesn’t want to know though and now ignores me, I have done nothing wrong, I am now a single dad, gamer.  What chance do I have?  Offers to the usual address.







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  1. CrunchbiteJr (John) avatar
    CrunchbiteJr (John)

    Ryo was a depressed bugger alright, but he had one moment of joy. Capsule toys. Sitting plugging in 5 yen for a toy he’d smile, say he loved those etc etc. His raison d’etre was those toys, not the whole avenging fathers death deal.

  2. Retro Boy G (Games Centre Manager) avatar
    Retro Boy G (Games Centre Manager)

    I hope you are ok dude. Remember there is a Twin Initial D driver with your name on it in my garage just now.. come over whenever!..

    P.S. Thats not a sad song.. This is a sad song

  3. Chris avatar

    Sorry to hear things have got to this stage Martin, my thoughts are with you mate.

    If I want to channel my anger/frustration with someone through a song, it’s usually something loud and shouty like this 🙂 by RATM

  4. Lorna avatar

    Truy sorry to hear you’re going through this, I feel for you 🙁

    Perhaps the drudgery of day to day life in Sims2 may help? You can pipe in your own choice of melacholy tunes and have your sim eschew paties for a life on the sofa with a trusty canine companion. I often find playing something bland like that can lift me a little…perhaps because I feel rudderless in my own life at times. Hang in there.

  5. TequilaClint avatar

    What would of made shenmue even more depressing if it included music by radiohead! lol.

  6.  avatar

    Sorry to hear about your developments. Hopefully it will still sound sincere, coming from an internet acquaintance.

    Van-fu, aka
    Vice Destroyer, aka

  7.  avatar

    Oh yeah, and this is a sad song. If you like hip-hop.


  8.  avatar

    Oh and one last thing. In regards to your idea of games related birthday cards, if I remember rightly, in one of the MGS games on the PS2, you could enter your birthday and Snake would wish you happy birthday on the correct day. Complete with a ticker tape display.

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