It Isn’t Easy Being Evilly Good

Since finally getting my hands on Lionhead’s latest release – Fable II, I can officially say I’m completely hooked! That’s understandable since there haven’t been any games that have struck me as a particularly good buy up until now so I was desperate for a new adventure. We’re getting stuck into all the new releases now though with Far Cry 2, LittleBigPlanet and Gears of War 2 also out and many more games on the way – Mirror’s Edge and Call of Duty: World at War especially!

But anyway, back to Fable II. I believe I can speak for everyone when I say I’ve looked at the achievements list with the intention of planning which path I’ll be taking. Of course, I settled on the life of good before I even purchased the game. It’s the same with every choice-orientated game for me, I just feel so damn guilty if I so much as kick a chicken in Fable II. So I set my sights on achieving ‘The Paragon’ for being 100% good, since being bad really isn’t ‘my thing’. It starts off well and I’m on my way to a life of purity and fluffy goodness, well…apart from the various times I accidentally pressed the B button, causing my hero to perform a rather violent attack around villagers. Then because nothing goes as planned, I make a fateful mistake, putting an end to my plan. Without going into it all too much, I’ll just say I took a job I shouldn’t have if I wished to remain a goody two-shoes which involved me murdering an innocent farmer. Okay, just don’t even ask why I took the quest in the first place, it’s beyond me to explain! But one thing’s for sure, that’s that achievement well and truly FAILED.

I guess that could be a good thing though because I now don’t worry as much about whether certain actions affect me in an evil way. Although I’m disliking the colour of my dog at the moment, as my little canine friend’s fur displays my hero’s stance on the scale of good and evil. Currently, he’s a darker shade of brown which worries me, but at least I’m still loved by the villagers! That has to be a plus. Seriously though, don’t suggest being 100% evil to me, I just couldn’t do that. It’d be far too painful..

Soon I will own all of Albion, haha! Well since I only own about one or two percent right now, ‘soon’ could be debatable. Other games will have to wait for now, Fable’s hogging my disk drive.







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  1. Barry avatar

    visit your spouse often and donate to the temple of light, thats how I got the Paragon achievement 🙂

  2. Van-Fu avatar

    Nevermind donating at the temple of light. Come to the dark side.

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