The Hardest Person to Please

Everyone knows gamers are pretty difficult to please, and I don’t mean the ones whose first game was Wii Fit because they read about it in a women’s health and beauty magazine. I mean the seasoned gamers who’ve been at it for years.

I was talking to a friend about Bioshock the other day. Now we usually have a shared opinion on things like Final Fantasy (XII being rubbish and X being amazing- but apparently that’s just us), but on this day he was complaining about the water in Bioshock. He wasn’t impressed with the water. More specifically, he wasn’t impressed with the reflection of the flames in the water.

Hideous, ugly, terrible reflection of flames in water! Absolutely ruined the game!

Hideous, ugly reflection of flames in water! Absolutely ruined the game!

Now, I wonder if developers themselves are as hard to please? They’re nurturing and building something for years. It’s going to get thrown into the wrath of the games press, and later, be under the close scrutiny of gamers themselves. During development entire levels can be scrapped (anyone who used the level cheat in Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness will know what I mean). Over time the internet has seen the emergence of unused ‘Colossi’ from Shadow of the Colossus, and I’m certain I’m not the only one who would’ve loved to stab meet them all in the final game, because every single one looks absolutely wonderful.

In about a month or so, I’m going to find out who the hardest person is to please. My work fellows (okay, students) and I are showing our game to a number of developers in the very near future, one of them being Ubisoft. To be honest I’m really glad I don’t remember any other developers who are looking at it, because I’m totally bricking it as it is. If that amazing badass dragon-type-thing wasn’t good enough to make the final product, how on earth is our entire build so far going to stand up to professionals? If the reflection of flames in the water isn’t good enough for one of my own friends, what chance do we stand?

Like I said, I’m bricking it, and I’ll let you know if developers leave me picking up scraps of my ego after this ordeal, or if they are in fact, less judgemental than gamers!







5 responses to “The Hardest Person to Please”

  1. Razgate avatar

    What you should be doing is looking at all the crap that’s out there that people love and you can’t go wrong.
    A good example is one of my fave games KATAMARI. 😀

  2. Emily avatar

    Ahh but Katamari is original… Our game doesn’t appear to have any unique features 🙁

  3. Michael avatar

    I’d advise you not to be so hard on your game should you be asked about it!

    And don’t stress, I’m sure developers appreciate the work that goes into a game – any game – more than most, if not all, gamers. Plus maybe that Colossus was cut for the sake of game length, not because it wasn’t thought good enough.

    Good luck!

  4. powell106 avatar

    hmm im abit late. but catchin up on things i missed out on.
    im more than likely not the best person to comment on this here. As id take gameplay over graphics anyday (suikoden series).
    But i dont really find it matters. i mean…your dragon is obviously a dragon. man on horse is obviously man on horse. so really. wheres the problem…now if the dragon had a gif for a face. there would be trouble.

  5. James avatar

    Personally, I thought that opening scene was the most visually impressive in the game!

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