May The DLC Be With You

Soul Calibur IV, released last summer, is one of the prettiest beat ’em ups to ever grace our screens. Featuring a load of familiar faces, a few new ones and a choice. Good or evil, light or dark, which are you? Well I suppose it wasn’t really a choice, buy the 360 version and you get to play as Yoda, buy the PS3 version and you get to play as Darth Vader. Soul Calibur isn’t really one of those games that justify buying a whole console to play it on so unless you have both (you spoilt brat!) you just get what it says on the tin.

So it may come as no surprise, (especially if you looked through the data on the game discs and discovered the character data for both Darth Vader and Yoda in each version), a few months later, that due to huge fan response the lightsaber wielding archnemesis will soon be available for download from October 23rd for 400 MS points from Xbox LIVE or $4.99 from PSN.

If you find yourself compelled to pay to unlock content that is already on the game it may leave you slightly miffed, but care you should not, the fate of the galaxy could soon be in your hands.







7 responses to “May The DLC Be With You”

  1. Tony avatar

    Experience dictates that the UK price for PS3 version will be £3, which makes it slightly cheaper than the Xbox one.

    Still a shocking rip-off that you are paying for something that is already on the disc, no-one should buy this in protest.

  2. paradox avatar

    i absolutely hate crap like this.

    if its on the disc already, it should be unlocked from the start, it just shows the consumer their intention is to rip us off every which way they can.

    they can stick vader up their tatooine for all i care.


  3. TequilaClint avatar

    Jez that is out of order!

    When you buy the game the last thing ya wanna do is pay to use 6mb of data!!

  4. Razgate avatar

    DLC irritates me 😀
    I want everything for Beautiful Katamari but I’m not willing to pay that much for it.

  5. Razgate avatar

    Wait a minute! who’s left the Ready-Up team?
    the portraits are at an even number again.

  6. Tony avatar

    No-one. We’ve all just got slightly thinner.

    In all seriousness, though, Kate has left the blogging team due to a new job.

  7. Michael avatar

    But she’s lurking like a strange-looking shark. Probably.

    If it’s DLC that adds to the game somehow, gives it more replay value, it’s a good thing. If it’s DLC that doesn’t really contribute (like an extra character that really has no bearing on any story there may be or armour for a horse), get stuffed you monkeys!

    Both characters on both formats was inevitable though, to get more cash.

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