Still Stuck In The Days of Modern War…

So while all you lot are off playing your fancy new titles i.e. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Infinite Undiscovery etc. I’m still digging out a year old game to play every night. Yes one whole year! Surprisingly long for a game really, considering how often a game is played for a short time, only to be instantly dropped for a newer title. However, it seems I’m not alone since Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare still seems to be the main game taking up most of your average gamer’s time right now.

So what exactly am I still doing on this game?

Well, attempting to finish the campaign on Veteran difficulty – no easy task at all! Especially seeing as I’ve only survived about four of the missions on it. Jumping from Normal difficulty right up to Veteran is something I wouldn’t recommend, although it will definitely eat up your hours… and patience.

Then we have my most likely reason for shoving Modern Warfare into my disc drive – Xbox Live. Multiplayer in CoD4 seems to take forever to get boring, either that or my attention span isn’t very fussy about which game I play. Most of my Friends List is filled with gamers still stuck like me, awaiting titles like Fable II and Mirror’s Edge before beginning their parting with Call of Duty 4 (only to be most likely sucked back in again by World of War).







3 responses to “Still Stuck In The Days of Modern War…”

  1. Laura avatar

    I love COD 4, it’s a masterpiece, it’s still in the top 20 of the game charts after a whole year and still selling for close enough to £40 in most places!

    That Zakhaev is a nightmare to defeat but he’s not unbeatable, go save the world soldier!

  2. Tony avatar

    I used to play COD4 online a bit, and I did enjoy it.

    What I found a bit odd about it is the fact that the more you play, the more powerful “perks” you get. Makes it very hard to get into as a n00b because you have no experience playing and no powerful perks, so you just get pwned.

    Also I always found it odd that getting a string of kills gets you airstrikes etc, again it just tips the balance further in favour of the team that’s already kicking butt…

  3. Chris avatar

    This game will never get old as far as Im concerned. Absolutely love it, and play it as often as I can. Even when the new big titles come out, I expect I’ll be keeping the hand in.

    I probably don’t use the Perks as best I could, and I’m always falling foul to the final grenade drop of someone I killed. Great fun though 🙂

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