Tis the season to play jolly.

Just so that I am free from insults of plagiarism I shall give you some background on this post.  Some of you may be aware of a service on UK Teletext called ‘GameCentral’. Channel 4 page 805.  It is a daily set of pages relating to all things gaming and has been going for nearly 20 years now, it was previously called ‘Digitiser’.  A few years ago I was a regular writer on their letters page and submitted the basis for my following post.  Last week on the letters page someone had written in saying the same thing I had said years ago, so just to clarify, I did this first and I didn’t steal the idea, intrigued?  Read on…

September heaven

It is now approaching the latter half of the year, the nights are drawing in, the temperature is dropping (at least it’s meant to!!) it usually means we play a few more games, after all who would want to go out in the cold, wet night?  Not kids that’s for sure!  Anyway it is at this point in the year that I realise that I suffer from a condition which I thought was rare but turns out to be very widespread.  I suffer from S.G.S. (Seasonal Gaming Syndrome).  Have you ever noticed that it just somehow feels right to play certain games at certain times of the year?  For example; September is a good month to play Formula one games, strange if you consider that the season usually starts around February, surely you would want to play along with the actual season?  Nope!  October/November are great months to play the Tony hawk games, but it’s nothing to do with not being able to go out and skate at night, it just feels right.

Slip, sliding to October

Of course there is a tangible reason as to why I suffer from S.G.S., it is just the times of year that these games are usually released, yup generic updates have become a place in my inner psyche and it is actually quite scary to what extent it is the case.  I can find myself thinking about playing games that I don’t have purely because it is a certain time of year and I must confess all these feelings seem to be to do with the last five months of any given year.  Just recently with the acquisition of my PS3 I can now get back into Formula one games again, quite lucky really when you consider it is nearly September, but I also have Metal Gear Solid 4 which also feels soooo right to play just now.  It is also getting near Gears of War and Call of Duty season too, I’m sure you all have months like this too, but these are my particular S.G.S’s.

Hmm looks like September!

At this point we have to step back a bit and actually query this feeling, surely I am not the only one who feels this, indeed the letter I was talking about would prove this (either that or the guy remembered my letter!).  Maybe the games companies are bombarding us with subliminal messages that make us crave games at certain times!  Would that be too radical an idea?  Maybe we have all been conditioned to expect the games at certain times.  I am really curious to find out how many people have the same feeling for the same games at the same times, maybe if there is a common thread we may be on to something.  So please let me know, what S.G.S. do you suffer from?  This could be the start of something big!  This could be the start of EAgate!

Do you have S.G.S.?







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  1. Lorna avatar

    I’d agree…I tend to also enjoy certain games at certain times of the day. I couldn’t imagine playing something dark and intense first thing in the morning unless it was an all night playthrough!

    Some games lend themselves to certain times of year…I rememebr feeling mroe natural playing James Pond close to christmas becasue of the christmasssy theme. Also Viva Pinata strikes me as a summery type game…the lush grass and bright colours would look odd unless I was trying to brighten up a dreary wintery weekend…which isn’t a bad idea. Perhaps we can take your theme and use that…summer games to cheer up winter blues 🙂

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