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For those of us who have had the pleasure to experience a “LAN party”, you will know its an experience you will never forget. I for one cannot seem to keep myself away from them, attending some of the biggest events around the world for the past 5 years, and now even working at a LAN gaming center. I’m fairly sure you will all agree multiplayer and networking is the “mutts nuts” when it comes to the virtual world of gaming, playing alone just quite doesn’t cut it. You know that feeling you get when you destroy a friend at a particular game and seeing the look on their face afterwards, or winning the final of a prestigious tournament and receiving the oversized cheque at the end. Priceless. Single-player games do have their moments to be fair, but pitting your thumb-skills against a computer can only keep you occupied for so long. Not to include RPG’s in that statement of course, as they belong in a whole new group of awesomeness.

Going back to the summer of 2002 which was my first network-gaming exploit, a close friend of mine introduced me and the rest of my game-addict chums to an internet cafe that recently installed 10 linked XBOX’s, with games such as Halo and MotoGP on offer we were all instantly hooked and made time for regular sessions of multiplayer mayhem. A couple months later, when I started getting abnormally good at Halo I began looking into tournaments and leagues, urged on by friends who noticed a talent I never thought I had. One of the largest gaming tournaments in the world, The World Cyber Games, made it’s presence on my radar and I was determined to show up and test my skills against the best in the country. I think I did pretty okay for my first major competition and even though I ended up losing in the semi-finals, the 2003 WCG UK qualifiers was the first of many events I have been fortunate enough to attend and opened up a whole new level of gaming for me.

The amazing thing about LAN is that it can range from a couple of friends playing mario kart on the NintendoDS, to a gathering of thousands of people with gaming PC’s like at DreamHack or Multiplay. But what do they have all in common? I guess it simply must be the social aspect. There’s nothing better than sharing the thrills and spills of gaming with friends and family, or even strangers in fact! With a common interest it’s easy to make new friends and meet new people. Bring on the next LAN!

Dreamhack holds the World-Record for LAN, which is 10,554 computers and 11,060 attendees!!!







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  1. Kirsten avatar

    First time I was ever at a LAN party I was quite in awe of it’s size and I was playing against the pro’s there at my first ever event job. It was also absolutely boiling hot. I’ve been to the iSeries many times since, with friends, filming, doing a world record but I’ll never forget the first time I seen all those computers in one room.

    Welcome aboard, Jono!

  2. Paige avatar

    Nice article, never attended a LAN myself but hopefully will some day.

    Also welcome to the team!

  3. Michael avatar

    I always thought LANs were massive scale things, like in that picture… Would a single system link count?

    Welcome, Jono.

  4. CrunchbiteJr (John) avatar
    CrunchbiteJr (John)

    We pulled off a couple back in school, LAN C&C was frankly awesome. Also managed Halo PC on Lan and it was hilarious.

    Alas when even affording a decent rig, then the daunting prospect of entering a lan setup (outsider looking in sees it as intimidating) means it’s a dying art.

  5. Tony avatar

    First network games I ever played were in our old student house. We played Quake, Ignition (a cartoony style racing game which I loved) and the old top-down GTA over the old style network with the BNC connectors. You could tell we were students as our cables were a bit home-made, running all over the house and taped down with duct tape – and my BNC connector was held onto the wire with a load of elastic bands, and somehow that worked.

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