Kung Fu Panda (Juniors)

Po the Panda has a secret, despite being chunky and clumsy he dreams of one day becoming a Kung Fu Master. His father, however, wants him to take over the family business and learn the secret family noodle recipe. Based on the film of the same name the Kung Fu Panda’s story differs in the game, with Po embarking on a quest to rescue “The Furious Five”. They are the most skilled martial arts warriors in the land, and Po needs them to aid him in defeating the evil “Tai Lung”, a vengeful Snow Leopard raised by Kung Fu Master Shifu who sees Po’s potential to learn very quickly if rewarded with food.

Name : Max

Age: 6

What did you like about Kung Fu Panda?

Max: Collecting the suits, the special moves and the room of tri-vals (Room of trials). I really wanted to be Tai Lung, he’s the baddie. But you can’t be him.

Did you have a favourite character?

Max: Besides Tai Lung, Master Hook Way (Master Ogway) & Master Shifu. I liked that Master Shifu is the leader and but every time.. I think this is funny this bit, every time he jumps he sounds like he buys something (?). I liked Master Hook Way’s name and his shell. He sounded a wee bit like a grandpa.

What was the best bit about the game?

Max: The room of tri-vals/trials

What was the worst bit about the game?

Max: The lily pads bit, I hated that bit man, I get stuck at that bit.

How much fun was this game?

Max: Quite Fun

Parents’ comments
: The easy and normal options are simple enough for a kid of Max’s age but the quicktime events in boss fights are a bit much on any difficulty. There’s a nice challenging collecting side quest for childish parents playing the game after the kids go to bed.








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