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Be sure to enter our prize draw for a chance to win a copy of Lost Winds and some exclusive signed artwork! Details below.

Lost Winds from Frontier Development shows what innovative gameplay is possible using the Wii’s motion sensitive controllers. By effectively taking control of 2 characters, the delightfully cute Toku and the ethereal wind spirit Enril, the collaboration becomes integral to the game itself.

Lost Winds is, at its basic distillation, a side scrolling platform game in the same vein as the old Super Mario or Prince of Persia titles, but it’s been realised in such a beautiful way that this most fundamental game type becomes a new and involving experience. Each character can and does have their own skills and abilities but it’s only when they need to work together that the delight of the Wiimote + Nunchuck / Enril + Toku symbiosis comes to life. Enril helps Toku climb and jump to unreachable places by delivering healthy gusts of wind in just the right direction, or by lifting and re-directing water or fire to remove obstacles or the nasty Glorbs! Toku helps Enril gain new strength and powers by solving physical puzzles and visiting shrines built in her honour.

Frontier’s designs have hit this pretty near perfectly, but this is hardly surprising when you consider that behind the scenes is David Braben, designer of the superb space-based free roamer ‘Elite’. He and Steven Burgess, the Lead Designer of Lost Winds, are appearing at the Edinburgh Interactive Festival (EIF) this year and will be revealing their secrets as to how they managed to put the power of the wind into our hands in Lost Winds.


This title is amongst those now available from the WiiWare zone of the Wii Shopping channel. WiiWare provides new, specifically designed titles, for purchase and download using your Wii points. The process is easy, straightforward and also provides the ‘Operations Guide’ for each of the games, which gives details of the game’s background, controls and characters. This is more than I expected from a ‘downloadable’ and was a welcome surprise! Lost Winds availability from WiiWare at a cost of only 1000 points (£7) places it squarely on the ‘must have’ list and sets a pretty high standard for other titles to come through that medium.

Take a look at WiiWare and take a good look at Lost Winds. Then get yourself along to the EIF from 10th to 12th August and see the people who brought Toku, Enril and the fantastic land of Mistralis to life.

The good people at Frontier Development have given us some exclusive signed artwork and a copy of the the game to give away to one lucky Ready Up reader.


Please note that for the winner to gain access to their free copy of Lost Winds they will need a Wii Console already able to connect to the Wii Shopping Channel, we will also require the winner to provide us with their Wii console Friend Code.



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