A Fighters Journey #3

Way-hay I’m back and MAN it’s been crazy lately, mostly due to the fact I ONLY JUST MOVED HOUSE!

So I have been busy running around getting all the important things in life sorted, well ya’ know things like, internet providers, formatting and alphabetising my games on the shelf, most of all deciding where I wanted the TV and the consoles. Launching up my PS2 for the first time in the new house I had not forgotten about my pledge for Battle Of Destiny. Unfortunately disaster struck!

My beloved copy of Capcom VS SNK 2 died out on me! WHAT-THE-FFF-ACK-OMG-OMG! Oh the drama that coincidently takes place at such a crucial time, BOO! Thankfully practice was not all to a stand still. Last week I hopped on a train to London to train with a “real” living, breathing opponent. A friend of mine who claims to be the Street Fighting veteran. Glad to know there’s still some of us old-skool nippers out there! With this I could assess how I levelled with an average player and learn a few tricks of the trade from another perspective. Almost 2 and a half hours of cocky taunting, evil laughs, talking tactics and fussing over the precision of PS1 & PS2 pads. The results of Sunday had me surprised, I wasn’t as bad as I thought. We faired quite evenly and both walked away learning new things about competitive fighting. My confidence is better and I’d also like to say, I HATE YUN! (Mental note: Must do special tactical training against this character) Hehehe.

Now throughout the Capcom journey, there’s dangerous potential in that after a lengthy period of continuous fights your mind can switch to auto-pilot mode. There’s no chance of this happening at the Battle Of Destiny, what with all the noise, hype and pressure. I’ll be running up, down and all over the venue with the Ready Up team and also because of this:

Oh you got it, my birth of cosplay as Sakura Kasugano from Street Fighter! Courtesy to the lovely Lawrara Cosplay Shop who were able to customize and sew it up for me. “Arigatou Gozaimasu!” So readers, I’ve made my effort, tourney and dressing. Don’t forget to say hello to me!

The contender list has risen to 132, pwhoar it’s going to be one massive butt-kicking day! It’s hard to judge by the names but I certainly hope there’s a few girl gamers on the roster. Personally I hope that Sunday I’ll be converting the beliefs of a few that gaming is only associated to guys. Girls may be pretty faces but we are definitely not to be underestimated!








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  1.  avatar

    I predict lots of punishment from the gamer dressed as a school girl. If Dead or Alive has taught me anything, it is that appearances can be deceiving.

    (I’m having log-in trauma of the highest order. I can log into the forum, but not the main site)


  2. Laura avatar

    If you wear that costume to compete Shaz none of the boys will stand a chance!

  3. thiswayup avatar

    Great having you round! Keep that Nakoruru play up…she REALLY is quite annoying. If I have anyone play me with that damn eagle I swear I’m going to call the RSPCA! Thanks for introducing me to Cammy…she kinda rocking 🙂

  4. Dan avatar

    I expect that game disc I sent you to be worm out with all the practice you’ll be doing, right?

  5. FBI avatar

    The winner don’t use drugs

  6. Martin avatar

    Good luck Shaz you’re bound to do well. Good luck also to all ready-uppers attending I look forward to seeing the results.

  7. Cabe avatar

    Fight the good fight, I hope names will be taken.

  8. JustinW avatar

    practice makes perfect

  9. Alejandro avatar

    Tambien tiene que mostrar su calzon. Sakura Kasugano muestra su calzon sin problemas.

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