The Back Room

Two of my most memorable internet moments have recently occurred right here at Ready Up – but they weren’t caused by blog posts. Or by any of the reviews (great though they are).

No, what caused me in one case to do a big belly laugh, and in the other case to become vaguely aroused and slightly scared were fantastic pictures posted to the Ready Up forums.

Not everyone realises it, but Ready Up, like a dodgy Colchester kebab shop or a newsagents that stocks “special interest” magazines behind the counter, has a special “back room” where things are discussed in hushed tones and grubby photographs are passed around quietly for large sums of cash. OK, so I lied about the money and the fact that the photographs are grubby, but there are photographs.

You see that text that says “Forum” in the top left? That’s it up there.

Think of it as like the “Have Your Say” section of the BBC website, but without people starting every comment with “Why oh why” and going on about immigrants all the time. Also, quite a lot of little snippets of game info get posted up there that aren’t meaty enough to warrant their own blog posts.

Anyway, to the posts that tickled me – you’ll soon spot the pictures yourself:

Best rock band pic – EVER!

Is this legal? (probably safe for work, but depends where you work)

Brilliant! I’ll see you there.

Bootnote: After Martin used an obscure Abba quote as a title, I thought I’d use the same idea but make it somewhat easier to identify for this post.

This way to the back room!







2 responses to “The Back Room”

  1. Martin avatar

    Obscure ABBA quote!! You’re probably right, I only know about the song because some girl brought it in to school when we were doing the pied piper in English….24 years ago!! Yup, the pics are great, I’ve said to Kirsten that the rock band one should be sold to EA for some marketing campaign, rockaway beach!
    BTW I have no idea where the back room comes from, and I dig music!

  2. Martin avatar

    Just wait Tony, I’m going on hols in two weeks and I’m posting a pic for my competition, if it works, it might not be funny but……

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