Concept of Love? Jet Set Radio Future!

Sequels are never the same. Sometimes they are better (for me Deus Ex: Invisible War was sublime), sometimes they are worse (post Dreamcast Sonic = eww), no sequel has taken me like that of Sega’s coolest franchise ever held: Jet Set Radio Future.

Jet Set Radio!

After finally finishing college, I found the time to dig out old games I enjoyed before gamerscores were all the rage (dirty score whores!). I wondered what game should I play first? I thought for about five seconds and picked JSRF up. Everything I loved about this game still stands today. The soundtrack is possibly one the the best I have ever heard within a video game; and has a special spot placed within my Ipod. Funky fresh tracks keeps the vibe going as you scale the heights of Tokyo searching for total solitude from the mainstream mass below. Ultimate heaven.

It\'s all about hitting the air!

I’m the biggest fan of Cell Shading. I still think Link looks better in cell shade than he does in regular 3D (ooh controversial), but Jet Set just looks amazing. In fact, if it’s possible, it looks even better now if you carry a 360, since now it’s been converted up to scale on the backwards compatablity list making it HD Ready and waiting! The colours are electric and crisp. Along the music Sega took the coolness of Shibuya and Harajuku and turned it into a game!

The story was a simple; kids going up against the evil corporation, all the while fighting local police and an angry police inspector on the brink of unemployment. Yet its wasn’t the story that made me want to play. It was the level design, dizzying heights and wanting to complete all the challenges set by the secret tapes that constantly taunted me while playing it. Sadly JSRF was too underground to make much money. So I guess Sega decided to ditch it for more important titles such as Sonic and the Secret Rings and The Golden Compass……yeah.

Everyone has that one game they love to bits for me it was this. So for one more time I can only hope that maybe some day we’ll see Jet Set Radio Future 3: Futurererer.

Farewell Beat!







2 responses to “Concept of Love? Jet Set Radio Future!”

  1. Munkeh avatar

    Great game, but nobody played it 🙁

    Sega should take the money they’re investing in all these godawful Sonic games and make a 3rd Jet Set Radio, I’d buy that for a dollar!

  2. Martin avatar

    JSR and JSRF were true gems, but sadly released at a time when they went under the radar, I think due to the PS1 and 2. There are many great SEGA games I would love to see, most noticeably Star Wars the original Trilogy arcade.

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