Wii’ing in the corner…

So, it finally happened. Myself and my chap caved in and purchased a Wii last night. We’ve both had one before, we were lucky enough to be working in Computer games retail when the Wii came out, so both of us made sure to get one right away. I remember getting back home with it, which was no easy task, as I’m sure you’ll all remember how limited in supply the Wii was! I had to get it out of work, to the bus stop, and then sit on an hour and a half bus journey back home with the elusive console. I remember it being like I had Willy Wonka’s golden ticket out on show for everyone to see. I must have been accosted by at least 5 people, eager to purchase themselves, or their family members a Nintendo Wii for Christmas. I was pretty callous at the time, after several months of trying to sell pre-orders i just sat there, frustrated, ranting on at strangers about how if they’d only made a pre-order, they’d be the ones sitting with the console right now – not me! But I appear to have gone off on a tangent, the point is, it was all very exciting.
So I got home and scurried up the stairs to my bedroom (much to the distaste of my mother, she just couldn’t understand why I was being so anti-social) and eagerly, yet carefully, unpacked my brand spanking new Nintendo Wii.

I was so excited, I’d gotten out an overdraft purely for this purpose. I loved Nintendo and I just HAD to have this console. I am very much a first person shooter girly, so the thought of using the Wiimote for such activities filled me with a warm fuzzy glee, and made me reminisce of the days spent in arcades with my brothers playing rail shooters.

The first time that beautiful blue light filled my bedroom, I could have cried. It was wonderful! I must have spent at least an hour making Mii’s of all my family. Fabulous.
2 months later I sold it for the price I bought it for because I was sick of waiting for decent games. “You sold it??” I hear you cry, “So soon??”

Yes, yes I did. As those couple of months passed, I sat, and I waited and waited for game releases I could get excited about. I had Zelda, but I was never the biggest fan of the series, so I played a bit and then I was bored. I was SO sorely disappointed. I looked at my Nintendo memorabilia and shook my head; “Where did it all go wrong Nintendo? I’ve always been so good to you! Why have you let me down!” So that was that, and the Wii was sold.

It seemed I was not the only one either – Wii’s were being traded in hard and fast. People didn’t like the wait.
As time went on, still working in Computer Games retail I saw a wide array of games being released on the Wii. It had gone from the wonderful machine I thought would fulfil my shooter urges, to something of ridicule. Each new release was a let down, and the general consensus on the console was that it was a “girls machine” or a “kids toy”. Disappointing. My loyalty to Nintendo wained, and the Wii escaped my realm of interest entirely.
Then, Wii fit arrived. I was on a bit of a bender for exercise at the time, my time working in Games Retail was fun, but it hadn’t treated my body well and after gaining almost 4 dress sizes I’d decided it was time to do something about it (But god, those pizza’s were nice ;D ). I had been using an exercise bike for half an hour every day like a good girl for over a month, and had managed to shift 2 of the 4 dress sizes.

But getting bum-ache and a numb brain on previously mentioned bike was wearing thin. Wii Fit seemed like the solution to my problem. Being the sort of person who likes to sit down in front of a console, start a game, and then finish it as fast as I can, the thought of getting Wii fit appealed to me. I could challenge myself! I’d feel motivated! I’d actually *want* to get of my hiney and do some exercise! Fabulous!

After a bit of excitement, the discussion about re-buying the Wii began. While Wii fit is awesome, neither myself, nor my chap could justify the £179.99 needed for the console just for wii fit. So, being the person who currently has the most spare time (relocation meant time off for me! ;D ) i took it upon myself to really delve into the now rather meaty catalogue of Wii games. House of the Dead? Resident Evil 4? No more heroes??? (FYI – I’m really having to try not to go off on a tangent about Killer 7 at this point, superb game!) Finally, the Wii appears to have blossomed and with that, the Wii was bought. Still in relatively short supply it seems, we went two places that didn’t have them, then found somewhere where there was but one lonely Wii left, and we got that.

The first thing I noticed when I got back home with it was the fact I just didn’t feel the urgency to unwrap this delightfully cute object. It sat on the floor in the lounge for about an hour while I decided going on forums and eating was more important. I then decided to heave myself up off the floor and actually set the thing up. Ugh, god it looked ugly when i switched it on. Having a very nice TV and next gen consoles has obviously spoiled me. I’ll have to invest in a better cable for the Wii stat! I made a Mii, got told I was in my 70’s by Wii Sports then switched it off because I was bored. I then did the domestic thing (yes, I chose washing up over playing on my new console) then I engrossed myself in writing a little essay, then I went to bed.
It seems, the slow releases of good games for the Wii really tarnished how I’d felt about it. As i took one final look at my gaming rig before bed, I looked at the machine with a sense of broken-heartedness, I wanted to love it again, but I just couldn’t trust it.
This morning, after going on my exercise bike, I stumbled into the lounge, the curtains were shut and there it was. A gorgeous blue light illuminating the room and I felt my love for the machine once again. Hurrah! I’m so excited. Now to figure out whether or not it’s worth buying another Wiimote to play Cooking Mama…
But I wonder, going back to my earlier point, If other people were trading in and selling their Wii’s like I did, does everyone who comes back to the warmth of the blue light feel the same?







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  1. Kirsten avatar

    I went through a period of zero interest in it. Mario Kart brought me back and recently I’ve been playing Super Smash Bros Brawl and I have Secret Files : Tunguska waiting to go next. It’s a a slow burner for the more traditional gamer but it is definitely worth having amongst your consoles.

  2. Dan avatar

    Don’t forget Okami! I had a quick shot yesterday and it seems to control very nicely. Although the 6 year old I was assisting found drawing a straight ‘slash’ with the Wii-mote very tricky. He soon reverted back to Smash Bros, a very button mash friendly game.

  3. Donna avatar

    I love my Wii and while I lost interest in it for a while I just couldn’t bring myself to sell it. So I’ve waited patiently for the phase of party games to pass and for the good games to come. I think finally we’re being repaid for our patience with the genius of Nintendo.

  4. Laura avatar

    I really want a Wii and I’ll probably get one before long. But I’m sure I would neglect it, they’re great fun for parties but I’m sure it wont be the same playing solo with nobody to take the piss out of my frantic flailing about 🙂

  5. Tony avatar

    I’m not going near the Wii.

    You see, I’ve been burned by her older sister, the Gamecube. She had a lot of the same family traits – cute graphics, funky little box, and great fun on Mario Kart or Super Monkey Ball with a load of friends round.

    However, like the party girl that she was, she wasn’t actually all that much fun to be with on a Monday night after a hard day at work, so eventually we went our separate ways.

    Now I while away my evenings with a couple of big lads that I know, Mr PS3 and Mr 360. Great lads!

  6. Donna avatar

    I loved my Gamecube. It has a lot of grown up games that were great fun. I do wish they’d done more with the GBA insteractivity, but still I really liked that console, although I know I’m in the minority in that view.

  7. Dave avatar

    Hi Alex, great post. I worked in game retail when the Wii came out and frantically saved all my pennies to grab one on launch. I had the same problem, I got frustrated with a lack of good games and sold it for higher than I bought it amid the great rush last Christmas.

    I bought another one for No More Heroes (and yep, Killer7 is one of my favourite games, check out my cel-shaded games post a few weeks back) and I bought Smash Bros. Brawl, which was the game I was most looking forward to this year. These two games alone make my second Wii more than worth it. Plus, I’m a retro nut so Virtual Console is rather nice too.

    With Madworld and the revival of a secret old school Nintendo series on Wii coming out this year, things might just be looking up for the under twelves 😀

  8. Michael avatar

    The Gamecube was great! So it had the cutesy stuff, no surprise with Nintendo but… Splinter Cell? Resident Evil 4? Eternal Darkness?

    I am tempted to get the Wii for the likes of No More Heroes and (if it ever arrives) Sadness but I don’t know how people find the time to play games on more than one format these days!

  9. Alex avatar

    I *adored* my Gamecube. Granted, a lot of the better games had to be purchased online, but i loved it to death. It was actually one of the things i traded in (and regretted doing so) for my original Wii!
    I’m tempted to have a bit of a purchasing spree on virtual console…
    Mad World looks pretty good, Visually i love the aesthetics of it and the gameplay sounds very interesting! (Dave – I’m making a beeline for your cel-shaded games post after this!)
    Sadness has been “on the cards” for ages now, i do with they’d hurry it up already! But good things come to those who wait.
    I’m actually playing No More Heroes in that last picture – It’s a giggle that’s for sure! Not sure if i’m going to love it like i did Killer 7, but it did have me flailing around like a moron, which is always fun!

  10. Dave avatar

    I heard a pretty shocking rumour that Sadness had been canned. I’m hoping it’s not true but seems likely :/

  11. Martin avatar

    Hi Alex, firstly welcome, new blood, good. Secondly I’ve had a real love/hate with Nintendo over the years. I really want the consoles-get them-only a few decent games-trade the whole lot in-buy again at later date.
    I did once trade in a gamecube and 10 games for my first Xbox and I got £300 trade in, only paid a fiver for the Xbox and 5 games. Four years later and I got another cube and 4 games for £40. Now shops wont take the cube as a trade in-confined to the loft!
    I have a Wii and it is good but I must confess my 360 is my gaming bread and butter. The Wii is a bit of a novelty still (don’t tell Kirsten but I traded Mario Kart in recently, but typically I want to play it again!) now if I could earn transferable achievement points via my Wii!!!!

  12. Scott Cameron avatar
    Scott Cameron

    Dave and Alex, it looks like the Sadness site has just been updated recently: http://nibris.net/projekty_sadness_en.html

    Still looking forward to hearing more about it!

  13. Alex avatar

    Martin – It’s really shocking how shops won’t take G3 trade in’s any more. I had a bit of a wander around town today to see if anywhere had some G3 games left for me to snap up at a barganous rate, but nothing! I would have thought what with the Wii being able to take cube games they would have at least kept on trading those. Achievment points would be just lovely, but i think i’m having enough trouble trying to find the time to up my 360 gamerscore!

    Scott – I’m really glad you alerted me to this! I just forwarded the information to about 6 other people all eager for news on Sadness. Sadly, looking at the site has now just made me all the more eager for the release though ;D

  14. Chris avatar

    Hi Alex, welcome to Ready-Up! Great introductory post, looking forward to seeing more of your blogs 🙂

  15. Riala avatar

    I rarely touch my Wii, though I have just added everyone person I know to the Address book, but my partner spent 3 weeks looking for Wii Fit for my birthday, all without sucess.

    I am disappointed in Nintendo, very, very disappointed.

    *thumbs up* for the Write up though Alex!!

  16. Jake avatar

    Hey Alex. Welcome to the team!

    Our Wii is going through stages of being popular and then abandoned for a while. It’s currently on a high as Carole has developed an uncanny (and hitherto unknown) ability to be quite good at lightgun shooters (as she kicked my arse all over Bridlington on anything with a gun attached!) so we’ve got Ghost Squad to pick at. Then she saw a bit on Wii Play on TV without realising we had the game…

  17. Alex avatar

    Thanks again for the welcomes everyone! =D
    My Wii has been abandoned a bit, for some reason, I’m now refusing to play with it until i’ve improved my 360 gamerscore. Typical eh? ;D

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