Street Fighter IV For Home Systems

Up to the second gaming news isn’t really our thing here at Ready Up, but in the light of Shaz’s visit to Capcom a while back I thought I’d post this up.

Capcom have just announced that, as we had all hoped, Street Fighter IV will be coming to the Xbox 360, PS3 and surprisingly Windows PCs. The game should be identical to the version we have seen previously. No mention of an arcade version so could this now be a home systems only release? Time will tell I guess.

No word yet of any new fighters (beyond the already announced 3). Also no word on any exclusive features on the home version. I think we can assume online play but personally I would love to see a return of the training system from the PSOne EX games, that was the best thing those games had going for them.

Here are some new screens hot off the presses.







5 responses to “Street Fighter IV For Home Systems”

  1. James avatar

    Ahh Street fighter how I love thee series. haha.

    New girl looks a bit too KOF’ish though for my likng… Ill stick with the faves (Is still hoping for Cammy to be in it)

  2. Nick avatar

    Street Fighter IV for home consoles is certainly an awesome thing indeed. However they’ll need to bring out some arcade sticks for those people unlucky to miss out on the first batch of Hori Sticks availible for the 360. Simply because the 360 is poo for fighters.

    Otherwise I’m gonna have get a mortgage to buy a Playstation 3 🙁

  3. Dave avatar

    This is truly amazing news, Ken all the way! 😀

    Have to agree with Nick too, the 360 d-pad/sticks are terrible for fighters. I downloaded Fatal Fury off XBLA and I found it infuriatingly difficult to pull of the rolls and spins needed to execute special moves.

    Perhaps this rumoured motion-sensor controller for 360 will adress these niggles?

  4. Shaz avatar

    I just read the e-mail that capcom sent to me confirming this. I CAN’T TELL YOU HOW EXCITED I REALLY AM!!!! ARAGHRGAHRGHAGRHAHGRHGRHAGRH! *runs in circles*

    I can get my revenge on Leo with a gamepad!! Bwah ha ha!

  5. Maynard Sandoval avatar
    Maynard Sandoval


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