How Clean Is Your House?

It is important of course in life to prioritize our time. Many of us in this world lead busy almost hectic lives that rarely leave enough time for oneself and the things we enjoy. What with work, family, friends and other responsibilities it’s a challenge to make sure there’s enough “me” time to unwind and relax.

At the moment I’m pretty on top of everything that needs doing. I’m over my Halo 3 addiction, GTA IV isn’t sucking me in as much as I thought it would have and the weathers warmed up, so I’ve been buzzing around doing things instead of huddled up shivering under three thick layers of woollies.

Every now and them a game comes along that I find to be more than worthy of my total commitment and blind obsession. I have to force myself to put down the controller to make dinner, rushing back and fore between chopping and stirring to advance myself just that slightest bit further until I realise I’ve come pretty close to setting fire to the kitchen and near enough cremated an entire lasagne.

The dishes pile up and start to breed, the washing basket overflows into a living breathing monster and the ironing…um…ok I don’t actually do my own ironing but I do forget to phone the ironing lady so you get my point right!?

The thing is I do feel sort of bad when I let the boring housework slide. Should I really be sat down playing a game while the clutter builds up around me? But is it so important to have a tidy house that it should take away precious time from me that I want to use to do something that truly makes me happy?! And anyway there’s no real rush, the mess’ll still be there tomorrow.







3 responses to “How Clean Is Your House?”

  1. Nick avatar

    Tidy house? But your so close to finishing that game!

    I’m in the same boat as yourself, it’s an aweful habit of mine to forget the universe while I’m playing some deep story games such as Oblvion and Mass Effect. There’s enough empty packets of hula hoops here beside me to rebuilt a model Liberty City!

  2. Dave avatar

    The only thing I really have trouble doing when engrossed in a game is emptying the dishwasher once it’s been on – usually resulting in a telling off from my lady :/

    I’ll never learn though, especially during my Lost Odyssey phase…

    ‘Right, i’ll just level up by two more levels then I’ll do it I SWEAR!’

    …never happens though.

  3. Michael avatar

    I don’t need to worry about that, for the most part – my 360 gaming time this last while has been at someone’s else’s house! 😀

    You have someone do your ironing?!

    The ability to pretty much save anytime is quite handy and I’ve realised, by reading this blog, that I used to be like that but I’m actually quite domesticated these days… 🙁

    Oh well

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